(PART 186)


>>> "Ruby, as witnesses have testified, was a friend of Oswald, so he didn't want to have to kill him." <<<


There's not a scrap of credible evidence that shows Ruby ever knew or spoke with Lee Oswald. Take a "Real" pill, Dean-o.

>>> "Of course, to the likes of Von Pein and Bugliosi this evidence is nonsense!" <<<

What evidence? There is none.

>>> "The only other possibilities are that someone else called Grammar on the phone (which means conspiracy)..." <<<

You can't justify such a gigantic leap to "conspiracy". No way you can justify it.

It's known that the Dallas Police Department did, indeed, receive calls threatening the life of their famous prisoner (Oswald). So what? In a case this size, that is bound to occur. And did.

There's no way you can wrap the word "conspiracy" around any such phone call(s) made to the DPD threatening LHO's life. In fact, as you sort of pointed out Dean, just the OPPOSITE would really be indicated -- i.e., why on Earth would any people REALLY involved in some kind of conspiracy to "rub out the patsy" have WARNED the cops that a hit on Oswald was forthcoming??

Were ALL of the so-called "plotters" snorting large quantities of cocaine when they did the crazy things that many conspiracy theorists think they did?

First, per many conspiracy-happy kooks (like Oliver Stone and Jim Garrison and hundreds of others who believe this same loony stuff), the conspirators decided to shoot up Dealey Plaza by using several different guns (all within the framework of a Solo Patsy Named Oswald plot). That's screw-up #1. Although, per the loony CTers, somehow "they" were able to actually get away with framing their Patsy in this ultra-stupid pre-arranged manner.

And then, instead of bumping off the Patsy immediately after JFK's murder (as the never-named "they" should have done), "they" allow the Patsy to be captured by the police and live for two days to chirp like a jaybird (even though he decides to clam up and take the full rap by himself during those two days, instead of ratting on anyone else involved).

This means that the forever-unknown "they" are forced to rub out the Patsy in the police station on live TV in front of millions and with dozens of cops all over the joint.

And as if the above bonehead moves weren't bad enough, somebody on "their" payroll (right?) decides it'd be wise to call up the DPD on the phone the night before Oz is killed and warn the "good cops" (the very few who weren't "in" on the plot themselves) that Oswald would be murdered the next day.

A wonderful Patsy plot there. (If your name is Gomer Braindead, that is.)

David Von Pein
March 31, 2008