(PART 192)


>>> "Presently the Bugliosi/HBO team is sending up flags (on this board in particular) looking for program material that resonates and addresses CT concerns re the case...and, more importantly, what the Bugliosi-HBO producers frankly need to address if they ever have hopes for a successful JFK/Bug/Hanks program. Frankly, they've noplace else to test their *dumb* theories. This is their incubator." <<<


~~Big Laugh Goes Here~~

Healy thinks that Vincent Bugliosi and HBO actually give a rat's ass about the stupid things that are being uttered by a bunch of evidence-mangling super-kooks at a nearly-deserted JFK forum that doubles as a padded cell for conspiracy-thirsty idiots who think they've somehow "cracked the case wide open" as they race to their keyboards whenever they discover "bold new evidence of conspiracy" in JFK's murder.

The only possible reason for Mr. Hanks or Mr. Paxton or Mr. Bugliosi to ever want to check out the goings-on in this CT evidence-skewing factory would be to laugh themselves silly. (That's certainly the main attraction for me anyway.)

>>> "They need to float specific LHO topics, questions and areas of concern re JFK's assassination and following cover-up--as witnessed by the current Ruth Paine threads. Von Pein is drowning this board. And Ruth Paine is a problem, a REAL problem for Lone Nuts." <<<

As if VB or anybody else has the slightest control over the things I choose to write about on the Internet. Healy's back in his imaginary little dream world again I see -- a world that comes complete with a handy crystal ball, with which the kook knows exactly what's going on in everybody's head, including Tom Hanks' and Vince Bugliosi's. (I love it! I ask you--who WOULDN'T love the hobby of making fun of a kook like Dave Healy on a regular basis?)

INSTANT REPLAY (just for the inevitable huge laughs that will follow):

>>> "They [meaning: the evil and dastardly VB, T. Hanks, and HBO] need to float specific LHO topics...as witnessed by the current Ruth Paine threads. Von Pein is drowning this board. And Ruth Paine is a problem, a REAL problem for Lone Nuts." <<<

As if Vince B. said the following to me the other day----

You know, Dave, I think we're going to have a really big problem getting the HBO viewers to believe anything that that lying vixen named Ruth Paine said. Her story, as you know Dave, just reeks with lies and phoniness and underhanded conspiracy-flavored plots underneath the surface. So Tommy Hanks and I want you to write up a series of articles on Ruth Paine and her Warren Commission testimony at the Google place where you post all the time, and let's see what kind of reaction you get from those ever-so-smart and all-knowing conspiracy theorists in there.

Remember, Dave, don't tip your hand or anything. Let 'em think you really believe Mrs. Paine's hogwash that she testified to in '64. Prop up Ruth as a really good LN witness and all that kind of LN bullshit that you're so good at doing, just like you did with your William Whaley essay a while back. And then we'll be able to get the REAL scoop about Mrs. Paine from the likes of Ben Holmes, Walter Cakebread, Lazuli what's-his-name, Robby "LHO Shot No One" Caprio (he's one of the TOP brains of that CT outfit for sure!), Donny Willis, and Gil Jesus.

And if we get really lucky, we'll get a lot of great anti-Ruth stuff out of Davey G. Healy and (let's hope and pray) Tony Marsh. If that happens, we've got it made, DVP my boy! Because those guys know it ALL when it comes to Ruth "Vixen" Paine (and any other sub-topic we choose to throw at them).

So get to work on that right away, Dave. And then after the CTers/mega-brains at the asylum give us the whole true story about Paine, we'll sound 'em out on all of those other rotten liars connected with the case -- like that little tramp Marina, and that "so-called" Oswald eyewitness Roy S. Truly [spit!], and his partner in lies Marrion L. Baker.

And then we'll get the real story on Will Fritz [no tape recorder available, my ass!]. And Buell Frazier [no lunch bag, my rear end!]. And Howard Brennan [positive ID on LHO, my spleen!]. Remember to seek out "Walt Duncan-Hines" on the Brennan thing, Dave. That guy's got the REAL story on Howard for sure. I've already seen some of the excellent stuff Walter's written on Brennan, and it looks great. I mean, who'd have thunk?--Howard REALLY was "DESCRIBING" the WEST end of the Depository all that time he was testifying! I had never thought of that before. [slaps forehead.] But thank God there are alert students of the case like Walter around.

And just think, Dave, we don't even have to PAY a single freakin' cent to get the real story of the assassination! All we have to do is "plant" a schnook like you--DVP--into the asylum (which is disguised as a forum) and we can pick the brains of geniuses like Walter and Robby and David "Zapruder Wasn't Even There" Healy FOR FREE! Can it GET any better than that?!

>>> "Dave persists, perhaps in the hope of clarifying the very weak WCR evidence and witness points concerning LHO/SBT." <<<

If you've got ANY pity in you at all, Mr. Kook, you'll stop before my bladder bursts (again). Ten-Four?

>>> "David [V.P.], of course, has his own agenda." <<<

Yes, I do. And I thought I made that agenda clear long ago. My "asylum" agenda is (as is quite evident by way of my fictitious VB conversation shown above) --- To ridicule the likes of conspiracy-happy kooks like David G. Healy as much as possible.

>>> "So, David Von Pein, accept the failure...the longer you deny it, the less likely you'll get that on-camera role you desire in the next Bugliosi soap opera installment." <<<

There is nothing I desire less than that.

But one of the things I enjoy MOST is watching Healy make his weekly fool of himself (as he just did with his incredibly silly thread-starting post linked here.

>>> "Bug doesn't need you Dave, he needs Dale Myer's [sic]." <<<

And the one person that the conspiracy brigade certainly does not need is: David Healy. His foolishness has done more for the Lone-Assassin cause than it's done for the CT one.

CTers, if they have even a single brain cell left working in their craniums, desperately should want to put as much distance between themselves and this mega-kook named Healy as is humanly possible.

David Von Pein
April 11, 2008