(PART 179)


The verbally described alignment of the long axis of the wound as roughly parallel to the vertical column agrees with CE 386, although the position of the wound disagrees with the location of 14 cm below the mastoid.

The position of the wound verbally specified by Humes agrees with the position, 13.5 cm below the right mastoid process reported by the FPP.

However, the same page shows a drawing of the wound whose longer axis is nearly perpendicular to the vertical column.

So, Mr. DVP, what is your explanation of a wound that turned nearly ninety degrees?


The Rydberg drawing [Commission Exhibit 386] definitely shows both entry holes (head and upper back) to be in ridiculously skewed locations, I agree. The back wound is way too high and way too far to the right, and the head wound is too low.

Similar to the Boswell Face Sheet drawing (where Boswell's "dot" on the chart is in the wrong location), it just tends to prove that many times we can't fully rely on that type of generic "dots drawn on a cartoon" drawing to tell the whole story of a particular wound location. (Except for Ida Dox's drawings, which are very good, since Dox overlaid the actual autopsy photos over the drawings for a perfect match.)

But Humes was simply wrong when he told Rydberg to draw the wounds where he told Rydberg to draw them. Simple as that. It wasn't a deliberate attempt to deceive the world, for cryin' out loud. For if it were an attempt to do that, why on Earth would Humes have ALSO talked about the exacting Boswell Face Sheet measurements regarding the back wound ("14 cm. from mastoid", etc.)?

Did Humes WANT to look like an idiot when he said "14 cm. from mastoid" and "14 cm. from right shoulder joint", which are measurements that most certainly don't match this Rydberg drawing?:

The really, REALLY stupid part of this whole Rydberg/Humes affair is the fact that the need for such drawings was so easily avoidable by merely having the doctors testify with the actual autopsy photos in front of them, instead of having to rely on second-hand stick-figure drawings that are certainly not to JOHN F. KENNEDY SCALE.

It's incredibly stupid (and always was) on the part of the Warren Commission to not have DEMANDED to see and fully examine those autopsy pictures and X-rays (and to have them viewed by witnesses, like Dr. Humes, on the witness stand during their testimony).

I've often said that the failure of the Warren Commission to view and fully examine the autopsy photos (which are, of course, the best possible visual evidence of JFK's injuries) is the biggest blunder that can be attributed to Earl Warren's Commission.

I'm still flabbergasted to this day at such idiocy that had the official investigative team which was looking into JFK's murder being left in the dark about something so important as the autopsy pictures and X-rays of the President's body. The stupidity of that decision will never be topped, IMO.

But, having ranted and raved for a little while about the stupidity of that decision regarding the autopsy photos, I also must say this as well --- The Warren Commission STILL GOT THINGS RIGHT in the long run, even without viewing the autopsy photos.

The WC got it right with respect to Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone. And the WC got it right with respect to only two bullets hitting JFK from behind, with the Single-Bullet Theory being an absolute rock-solid fact, with the WC ultimately getting the location of JFK's upper-back wound in just exactly the right place, with CE903 confirming, verifying, and proving for all time that the WC, despite the awful Rydberg drawing and despite the sometimes-confusing testimony of Dr. Humes, did indeed GET IT RIGHT with respect to the location of the bullet hole in John Kennedy's upper back, just as CE903 shows.

Anybody who argues, after taking one look at CE903 below, that it was the position of the WC that the entry wound on JFK's upper back was really in the "neck" region of the President is simply full of shit.

In CE903, Arlen Specter's pointer is positively located in a position that has the bullet wound located in the BACK, not the NECK, of the stand-in for JFK.

And anyone who, with a straight face, can actually continue to argue that the Single-Bullet Theory is a total fraud and/or is utterly impossible after taking a good look at Commission Exhibit No. 903 is simply fooling themselves. Because the SBT works perfectly (and with the entrance wound in the UPPER BACK of Kennedy, not in the NECK), and CE903 proves that fact:

David Von Pein
March 20, 2008