(PART 189)


>>> "In the Wiegman film, Wiegman starts filming just after the first shot is fired. Take a good look at it David, NONE of the people in front of the TSBD are looking UP at the source of the shot, they are ALL looking down Elm (and, yes David, they had time to react and look). You say the time between shots 1 and 3 was 8 seconds. That means the crowd has FOUR seconds to react, since Wiegman started filming four seconds before the head shot. Look at the film and explain why no one is looking UP." <<<


So what are you saying, Richard....that the first shot (or maybe even
ALL of the shots) came from the Grassy Knoll (which we all know is
dead wrong)?

You think that the first shot came from someplace OTHER than where the
proverbial "Patsy For All 11/22/63 Murders" (LHO) was located?


In other words, the architects of this grandiose "One Patsy Named
Oswald" plot decided to BEGIN the shooting by firing a shot from the
KNOLL, instead of starting with a gunshot from the only place where
their patsy could be blamed--the TSBD??!! Get real.

You'd better re-think your Wiegman analysis, because it's certainly
not doing your conspiracy theory very much good, unless you actually
do want to believe that by the time Wiegman started filming, ZERO
shots had actually been fired from the Sniper's Nest on the 6th Floor
of the Texas School Book Depository.

And I know of only one "JFK researcher" who thinks that zero shots
(at all!) came from Oswald's Nest -- his name is Robert J. Groden.

>>> "Fact: Shots 2 and 3 were nearly simultaneous, impossible from the MC rifle." <<<

FACT: The above "fact" is positively NOT a "fact" (despite Mr. Van Noord's
assertion to the world that it is a "fact").

IMO, a "fact" is something that has been established beyond all reasonable
doubt (like, say, Lee Harvey Oswald's guilt in the two 1963 murders he
was charged with having committed).

But the exact time between gunshots has certainly not been established
beyond all reasonable doubt by way of the Dealey Plaza
witnesses....mainly because it's so very subjective in nature.

For example, I'll provide you right now with multiple witnesses who
said that the three shots they heard were "evenly spaced", and not
"bunched" together (8 witnesses in total here, plus Governor Connally
thrown in for good measure on a related issue; and I could probably
find more than this if I wanted to dig even deeper into the Warren
Commission volumes and my audio/video archives):

James Romack:

Mr. BELIN. How many [shots] did you hear?
Mr. ROMACK. Three.
Mr. BELIN. How close did the shots sound like they came together?
Mr. ROMACK. Oh, they happened pretty fast. I would say maybe 3 or 4
seconds apart.
Mr. BELIN. Were they equally spaced, or did one sound like it was
closer than another one in time?
Mr. ROMACK. It sounded like to me that they were evenly spaced.


Officer Marrion L. Baker:

Mr. BELIN - Do you have any time estimate as to the spacing of any of
these shots?
Mr. BAKER - It seemed to me like they just went bang, bang, bang; they
were pretty well even to me.
Mr. BELIN - They were pretty well even.


Tom Dillard:

Mr. BALL - How many explosions did you hear?
Mr. DILLARD - I heard three - the three approximately equally spaced.


Mal Couch:

Mr. BELIN - And what's your best recollection now as to the amount of
time between shots?
Mr. COUCH - Well, I would say the longest time would be 5 seconds, but
it could be from 3 to 5.
Mr. BELIN - And would this be true between the first and the second
shots as well as between the second and the third - or would there
been a difference?
Mr. COUCH - As I recall, the time sequence between the three were
relatively the same.


Nellie Connally:

Mr. DULLES. I just have one question. Mrs. Connally, on one point your
testimony differs from a good many others as to the timing of the
shots. I think you said that there seemed to be more time between the
second and third than between the first and the second; is that your
Mr. DULLES. That is, the space between the first and the second was
less than between the second and the third? You realize I just wanted
to get whether I had heard you correctly on that.
Mrs. CONNALLY. You did.


Emmett Hudson:

Mr. LIEBELER - How many shots did you here altogether?
Mr. HUDSON - Three.
Mr. LIEBELER - Did the shots seem evenly spaced or were some of them
closer together?
Mr. HUDSON - They seemed pretty well evenly spaced.
Mr. LIEBELER - Evenly spaced; is that it?
Mr. HUDSON - Yes, sir.


Harold Norman (Via his re-creations of what he heard):

Mr. NORMAN - Boom...(click-click)...Boom...(click-click)...Boom.

Norman always "re-created" his "Booms-Clicks-Clicks" in a
PERFECTLY-EVEN distribution of the gunshots.


Pierce Allman (Via WFAA-Radio interview on 11/22/63):

Mr. ALLMAN - The shots didn't seem rapid at all. They were
three well-spaced reverberating shots.



QUESTION -- "What was your impression then as to the source of the
[first] shot?"

JOHN B. CONNALLY -- "From back over my right shoulder which, again,
was where immediately when I heard the first shot I identified the sound
as coming, back over my right shoulder."

QUESTION -- "At an elevation?"

GOV. CONNALLY -- "At an elevation. I would have guessed at an

QUESTION -- "Did you have an impression as to the source of the third

GOV. CONNALLY -- "The same. I would say the same."

Are Nellie and her spouse full of feces here when they say, without
reservation, that ALL SHOTS CAME FROM BEHIND US?

So much for Richard's above-mentioned "Fact".

>>> "Fact: The first shot sounded different from shots 2 and 3, impossible if all coming from the same rifle." <<<

You must be crazy to pull this weak-sister argument out of your CT
hat. But, since you want to travel down this subjective path, I'll
give you Abraham Zapruder (and I could no doubt find a few more
witnesses like Abe if I tried hard enough):

"I'm not a ballistic expert, but I believe if there were shots
that were coming by my right ear, I would hear a different sound. I
heard shots coming from--I wouldn't know which direction to say--but
it was proven from the Texas Book Depository. And they all sounded
alike; there was no different sound at all."
-- Abraham Zapruder; 1967

You've got to give Richard V.N. points for trying though. No matter
how many times his piecemeal, threadbare, non-existent examples of
"Conspiracy" are beaten back into the deep woods (where they all
belong, naturally), Richard just keeps on rehashing the same old
tired, already-trampled CT ground another day.

But, that's another longstanding trait amongst rabid, never-wanna-give-
up conspiracists -- ALL debunked theories become shiny and new
once again with the passage of each new 24-hour period.

Go figure.

David Von Pein
April 4, 2008