(PART 182)


>>> "If I was home and [had] access to my stuff I would show you how delusional you are." <<<


But as of right now Rob is still located at his favorite away-from-
home hang-out: The "Anybody But Oswald Club" over on "Saint Oz
Avenue" (down there across the viaduct).

Each member of the "ABO Club" pays $13.87 in dues every month (that
amount was selected because it matches the amount of cash that their
hero had on him when he was arrested).

The Club members had to stay overtime at their ABO Club Headquarters
today because one of the members noticed a slight anomaly in the
November 1963 news film taken of Hero Oswald in the DPD corridor. The
ABO Club member called the emergency meeting so that the ABO members
could get together and discuss the film anomaly and decide on the best
course of action to exploit it.

What was the anomaly, you ask?

In the TV news film in question, after Saint Oswald was asked by a
reporter: "Were you in the building at the time?", Oswald then speaks
the words, "Naturally, if I work in that building, yes sir". (Or so it

But the very alert "Super-Kook/ABO Club member" took note of something
yesterday that nobody else has ever noticed while watching that famous
film (which is a film that ends, of course, with Oswald's famous 4-
word declaration, "I'm just a patsy").

When Oswald seemingly admits to the world on live TV that he was "in
the building" (the TSBD) at the exact time of JFK's murder (not that
it's any big mystery really, but certain CT-Kooks enjoy disbelieving
Oswald's own admission to having been inside the building at 12:30,
with those kooks still wanting to put Lee outside the TSBD on the
front steps at the time of the assassination), the ABO Club member
noticed that Oswald's lips move in a "funny" and "erratic" manner.

This led the ABO kook to call the emergency session of the ABO
Club....and that's why Rob was delayed in getting home today. He's
still looking over the film for signs of additional fakery and tampering.

The ABO Club member who first made this bombshell discovery has
theorized that the voice we hear on the film is not really Lee Harvey
Oswald's at all. Instead, his voice has been dubbed by actor Gary
Oldman (who played LHO in Oliver Stone's 1991 feature film).

So, Oswald's words, "Naturally, if I work in that building, yes
sir", were actually spoken by Gary Oldman (per the ABO Club member).
This small bit of film fakery and voice deception was done, per the
ABO kook, in order to further advance the false theory that Oswald
had, in fact, been inside the Book Depository Building at the moment
of President Kennedy's assassination.

The ABO Club member goes on to say that the words that were REALLY
spoken by Pope Oswald I (before they were dubbed over) were these

"No, I was not inside the building! I was standing on the steps
outside the front entrance holding my prized curtain rods. Just ask
Wes Frazier!"

The ABO Club member says he can read Oz's lips clearly and can prove
he's right about this "Dubbed By Oldman" revelation. He has sent his
amazing findings to James H. Fetzer. The ABO Club member is quite
confident that Prof. Fetzer will verify the remarkable findings that
prove film fakery within this widely-seen film of Lee Harvey Oswald.

The ABO member hopes that a book deal might be forthcoming as well,
in conjunction with Fetzer's verification of the film's alteration. It's
believed that Fetzer has already started work on a follow-up volume to
his 2003 hunk of tripe, "The Great Zapruder Film Hoax", with this
second volume to be tentatively titled "The Duping Of America: The
Discovery Of Fakery Within EVERY Film And Photo Connected With The
Murder Of JFK"
. (The book is rumored to be in the hands of a new
publishing house, based out of Fetzer's basement, "Mega-Kook Press,

The ABO Club member who made this incredible discovery about the TV
news film of Oswald doesn't seem to know exactly when Mr. Oldman did
the voice-over dubbing of the famous "I'm just a patsy" film, but he
has ruled out the possibility of Oldman performing this voice-over work
at the approximate time of JFK's murder (seeing as how Oldman was
only five years old on 11/22/63).

But the ABO member is looking further into this matter, to try and
find out just exactly when Oldman entered into the "conspiracy" arena.

More details on this breaking story of conspiracy tonight at 11:00 on
the new "ABO Channel", which transmits daily from 544 Camp Street in
New Orleans, out of tribute to every kook's favorite fallen leader and
hero, Lee Harvey Oswald (aka Alek James Hidell, O.H. Lee, D.F. Drittal,
and Dr. A.J. Hideel).

David Von Pein
March 27, 2008