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By setting up a series of straw men, adopting a supercilious tone, and ignoring new evidence, Dale Myers [in this article] manages to unpleasantly restate the official theory of a lone gunman in a way that makes it less convincing than ever.

“Fifty-two long years, and still *nothing* to exonerate Oswald or uncover the so-called 'true conspirators'.” -- Dale K. Myers; November 22, 2015

Myers is correct on one point: there is no proof beyond a reasonable doubt that any specific named individual conspired to kill President Kennedy. This factual statement also applies to Lee Oswald.


I keep hearing conspiracy theorists constantly talking about the “new evidence” and all of the many ARRB documents that supposedly “prove” a conspiracy in the JFK case.

James DiEugenio, for example, just loves to declare victory for the CTers by claiming there are a number of “ARRB documents” that serve as the bombshell proof that a conspiracy exists in the JFK assassination. But whenever I ask Jim D. (or any other conspiracy theorist) to link to just ONE specific document made available by the ARRB that proves a conspiracy, all I get in return is dead silence or stuff like this (which doesn't “prove” a conspiracy at all).

So, can somebody PLEASE provide a link to just ONE document released as a result of the JFK Records Act of 1992 that allegedly “proves” that John F. Kennedy was killed as a result of a conspiracy? I’ve yet to see such a document produced by anyone.

And the reason I’ve never seen such a document is quite easy to explain — it’s because no such “bombshell” document(s) exists—and never did. It’s all a matter of flawed interpretation on the part of people who are anxious to confirm their beliefs in a make-believe plot that only exists in the minds of individuals who are desperately seeking a conspiracy in the JFK murder case.



Show me a single document that proves that Oswald did it. You can’t, that’s a silly argument.

There is not a scintilla of proof that Oswald shot Kennedy.


“Not a scintilla”, eh Paul? You surely must be joking.

The amount of evidence that indicates “Oswald did it” is staggering in depth, scope, and diversity — from the bullets, to the guns themselves (Oswald’s very own guns), to the bullet shells, to the witnesses, to Oswald’s lies that he told the police after his arrest, and also to Oswald’s very own actions, which practically convict him all by themselves, including the scuffle in the Texas Theater, where Oswald tried to kill another policeman.

(Yeah, innocent patsies are always whipping out pistols in movie theaters and threatening cops [and then making statements like this]. Right, Paul?)

And I include the murder of Officer J.D. Tippit in my above remarks concerning the evidence too, because the Tippit slaying is inexorably linked to President Kennedy’s death (IMO).


For starters, how about evidence of a second bullet being recovered? FBI Assistant Director Allan H. Belmont wrote a memo to his direct superior, Clyde Tolson, stating “that Secret Service had one of the bullets that struck President Kennedy and the other is lodged behind the President’s ear and we are arranging to get both of these.”

A notation in the memo indicates the time to be 9:18 PM, which is after FBI agent Robert Frazier and Special Agent Elmer Todd claim to have accepted custody of CE 399.


David R.,

If that’s the best you’ve got, then you’ve got very little. That document about a bullet being lodged behind JFK’s ear was written as a result of the initial confusion in the hours that immediately followed the President’s death.

And some of those things that were first reported turned out to be incorrect. So I see no reason to still adhere to bad information — like all of these inaccurate early stories:

>> A “Mauser” or an “Argentine” rifle being found in the Book Depository.

>> The false rumor about a Secret Service agent being killed in Dealey Plaza.

>> The erroneous version of the Tippit shooting which had Officer Tippit being killed inside the Texas Theater itself.

>> The rumors about Vice President Johnson either being shot or having a heart attack.

>> Dr. Robert Shaw's inaccurate statement made during his 11/22/63 press conference about the bullet that struck Governor Connally still being in the left leg of Mr. Connally.

>> The “bullet lodged behind JFK’s ear” story.

>> Dr. Humes’ remark about “surgery of the head area” (which was repeated in the Sibert/O’Neill FBI report).

>> The initial erroneous speculation entertained by the autopsy doctors that the bullet which entered JFK’s upper back “did not exit” the body at all.

All of those things (among other false stories) were corrected at a later time.

And even FBI agent James Sibert later abandoned a couple of theories that some conspiracy theorists are still stubbornly clinging to even today — i.e., the “surgery of the head” remark and the notion that ANY “whole bullet” was recovered at President Kennedy’s autopsy at Bethesda Naval Hospital....



You and I have e-mailed each other through your site, and I find you are one of the more reasonable proponents of the government’s version. I do have a question that the other government folks won’t answer. First, a quote from Jeff Morley:

“The CIA retains a 123-page file on Harvey’s assassination-related activities that has never been seen by bloggers, reporters, scholars, or Congress. When the CIA’s secret Bill Harvey file is made public, Talbot’s claim will be clarified. It is pathetic and outrageous that such material remains hidden, but that’s reality.”

David—how is anyone—you, I, or Dale Myers—able to determine what REALLY happened when documents that STILL EXIST—forget the ones that were destroyed or never even made in the first place—are not made available to folks?


How can we know the FULL truth when the CIA continues to stonewall? Can you PLEASE talk to the folks at Langley and ask them to release the 1100 pages that still are being held?

One more comment for you to consider:

“I now no longer believe anything the Agency told the [HSCA] committee any further than I can obtain substantial corroboration for it from outside the Agency for its veracity. We now know that the Agency withheld from the Warren Commission the CIA-Mafia plots to kill Castro. Had the commission known of the plots, it would have followed a different path in its investigation. The Agency unilaterally deprived the commission of a chance to obtain the full truth, which will now never be known. Significantly, the Warren Commission’s conclusion that the agencies of the government co-operated with it is, in retrospect, not the truth. We also now know that the Agency set up a process that could only have been designed to frustrate the ability of the committee in 1976-79 to obtain any information that might adversely affect the Agency. Many have told me that the culture of the Agency is one of prevarication and dissimulation and that you cannot trust it or its people. Period. End of story. I am now in that camp.”
-- Robert Blakey

I think his line of never knowing the full truth is quite telling.

Your thoughts?



I think ALL Government documents pertaining to the assassination should definitely be made public. No doubt about it. And nearly all of them have been made public.

But I also know that whenever “new” documents are finally released after a period of years under wraps, they always end up not meaning very much. And none of them has ever “proven” a conspiracy took place in Dallas. (Do you really think any of the documents released through the ARRB have “proven” a conspiracy?)

We may never know with 100% certainty if Oswald had a helper to aid him in November 1963. But from the things we do know about Lee Harvey Oswald, it’s highly unlikely (IMO) that anyone was conspiring with him in Dallas on 11/22/63.

For one thing, if Oswald had a co-conspirator to help him that day — then where the heck was that co-conspirator when Oswald needed him most — just after the assassination?

Everything Oswald did on both November 21st and 22nd indicates to me that LHO was working alone. There’s nothing in his movements on those two days to indicate–in any way–that he was part of a multi-person plot to kill the President.

As for the CIA and its intense desire to keep some things hidden (even if they only relate in a marginal way to the events in Dallas), Vincent Bugliosi said this in his JFK book:

“The CIA had nothing to hide in thousands of previous documents the agency initially refused to release voluntarily but ultimately did release under court order. The CIA specializes in always acting guilty, even when it is not, and always being, from a public relations standpoint, its own worst enemy.” — V. Bugliosi


There is indeed a “staggering” amount of evidence implicating Oswald as one of the assassins – a staggeringly small amount.

If you discard the discrepancies in the paperwork, you could make a plausible case that in March 1963 Oswald purchased the rifle that was found on the sixth floor. That implicates Oswald in the assassination, but doesn’t put him on the sixth floor with the rifle eight months later. The evidence of Wesley Frazier and his sister make it clear that it wasn’t Oswald who brought the rifle into the book depository.

To place Oswald at the scene of the crime, we have his fingerprints on two cardboard boxes, and some eyewitness testimony. But the fingerprint evidence doesn’t implicate him either, because Oswald’s job required him to handle boxes of books on the sixth floor. And the eyewitness evidence is vague and contradictory: the gunman was white and slender (like Oswald), with light brown hair (like Oswald) or dark hair (unlike Oswald) and a bald patch (unlike Oswald), and was wearing a light-colored open-neck shirt (unlike Oswald) over a white T-shirt (like Oswald).

The main eyewitness against Oswald was Howard Brennan, who declined to identify Oswald as the man he had seen, then changed his mind, then changed his mind again. And of course Oswald was seen elsewhere in the building at the same time as the gunman was seen on the sixth floor.

So much for the fingerprint and eyewitness evidence. What’s left? Oswald may have been less than truthful to the police, although we only have the authorities’ word for what he said. Guilty, your honor!

He behaved strangely after the assassination, by going to watch a film. Guilty, your honor!

He may have shot Officer Tippit, although the evidence for that is as shaky as the evidence that he shot JFK.

If Mr Von Pein is ever convicted of murder, I hope the evidence against him is a lot stronger than the evidence he uses to convict Oswald.


You know as well as I do that ALL of the physical evidence points in the direction of Lee Harvey Oswald, so why pretend it doesn’t?


The Carcano rifle, the Smith & Wesson revolver, the fingerprints and palmprints, the 38-inch paper bag with his (Oswald’s) prints on it, bullet fragments from his rifle found right in the Presidential limousine itself, and bullet shells from his guns littering TWO separate murder scenes.

(And that's not even counting Commission Exhibit No. 399.)

And yet I’m supposed to believe that the above wealth of physical evidence, plus the “I Saw Oswald” eyewitnesses at or near the Tippit murder site, plus Oswald's lies and guilty-like actions following the assassination, somehow make Oswald look innocent of killing BOTH John Kennedy and J.D. Tippit?


And listening to the CTers make their perpetual lame excuses as they try to take the Tippit murder weapon out of Oswald’s hands too (as they always attempt to do when discussing the C2766 Mannlicher-Carcano rifle as well) is the perfect example of “CTer Desperation” on full display.

For a barrel of “V510210 revolver” laughs (at the expense of desperate conspiracy theorists), go HERE.


If you are really going to deny that the US Intelligence services lacked the resources and the connections to pull off a staged coup d’etat in Dallas, Texas, you have a impossible task in front of you to convince anyone with any historical knowledge and common sense.

You may be able to convince the average simple minded TVZombie with your tootie-fruity Pied Piper pan pipes lullaby, but you will not be successful in a debate with informed researchers like those attending this blog.


Yeah, right, Willy. Whatever you say.

I guess you must think that Lee Oswald was merely a subservient puppet, willing and eager to have his strings pulled by any number of CIA operatives (including Michael and Ruth Paine). Right, Willy?

And just because ALL of the evidence (and a dozen eyewitnesses near or at the site of J.D. Tippit’s murder in Oak Cliff) points toward Lee Harvey Oswald as a double-murderer, why should those trifling little facts get in the way of believing (as most Internet CTers do) that Oswald was merely an innocent “patsy”?

Right, Willy?

[Quote On:]

“Who can believe these people [Ruth and Michael Paine]? Both of them as phony as three dollar bills.” — Jim DiEugenio

Rebutting DiEugenio's crap about the Paines:
JFK-Archives.blogspot.com/DVP Vs. DiEugenio (Part 87)


Oswald was already in the Texas Theater at the time of Tippet’s [sic] murder.


So you have no problem with Oswald being able to make it all the way to the Texas Theater from his roominghouse (where we know he was at about 1:00 PM, per Earlene Roberts) in time to be inside the theater BEFORE Tippit was even shot.

Most CTers moan about how Oswald couldn’t possibly have made it from 1026 Beckley to 10th & Patton in time to shoot Tippit. And yet Willy has just made Oswald an Olympic track star by getting LHO all the way from 1026 Beckley to the Texas Theater in even LESS time. Amazing.

But the “Texas Theater Oswald” was probably just an imposter, eh Willy?


I’ve seen the map of the area. Taking a route from Beckley to the Texas Theater, by going through the park and through the school yard, Oswald could have made that distance in less than 15 minutes at a brisk walk.


But I’ll bet you don’t think the same man (Oswald) had a prayer of making it to 10th & Patton in just about the same length of time, and probably less time — i.e., “less than 15 minutes at a brisk walk”. Right, Willy?

This reminds me of the (unintentional) hypocritical approach that Oliver Stone and other conspiracy nuts have taken with respect to trying to prove that a Carcano rifle like Oswald’s couldn’t possibly have been fired three times in 5 or 6 seconds — even though Stone filmed one of his actors dry-firing a Carcano 3 times in 5.5 seconds — and he even kept that scene in the finished movie. Hilarious.


Watching CNN special on JFK assassination. I forget how stupid some people are.

Honestly, why do they think there was a conspiracy?


It's probably mostly just a "follow the leader" mindset. Most people don't know very much about the details of Oswald's guilt. They watch Oliver Stone's fantasy film, or they read the latest crazy conspiracy book (like David Talbot's new one about how Allen Dulles Did It), and they conclude that those silly theories must be correct.

Too bad they don't read this instead....



It is extremely weak and dishonest to ask for just ONE document that would prove a conspiracy, when at the same time you rely on a very selective set of (sometimes extremely dubious) pieces of highly circumstantial evidence to conclude that Oswald must have been a lone gunman.

There is no ONE single piece of evidence that conclusively proves Oswald's guilt and there isn't one to prove a conspiracy.

IMO, there are two ways of looking at this thing:

You either accept a selection of the "evidence" (and ignore the rest) to conclude that Oswald was the lone gunman or you look at the totality of the evidence and conclude that there is enough reasonable doubt to dismiss the lone gunman theory, which by implication justifies the conclusion that there must have been some sort of conspiracy instead.


In David's simplistic world, where conspiracists [Johnny meant to say "conspirators" here] helpfully leave behind a single damning piece of evidence to show their conspiracy, we look forward to David producing the single piece of evidence that comprehensively proves Oswald's guilt.


I can easily provide hundreds of documents and photos and witness testimony that, IMO, "prove" that Oswald murdered JFK and J.D. Tippit. The Warren Report volumes and HSCA volumes are riddled with such material (of course). Almost all of which has been totally dismissed by most Internet conspiracists.

I'm merely asking for ONE document (or, if you prefer, a series of documents) that I keep hearing certain CTers insist prove the conspiracy in the JFK case.

And, yes, I have been a big proponent of the "Totality of Evidence" approach to the case. That is, the "totality" (or "sum total") of ALL the evidence and testimony, when put together and not isolated, proves Oswald's guilt.

But, in my opinion, that "Totality of Evidence" approach will not--and cannot--work for the conspiracy theorists in the JFK or Tippit cases. Mainly because there is not a scrap of physical evidence in EITHER murder case that points in any direction other than to Lee Harvey Oswald and HIS guns and HIS bullets and HIS prints, etc.

I suppose CTers could try to rely on a "Totality of Speculation" approach. Or maybe the "Totality of 33-Year-Old Memories".

But CTers certainly aren't going to win the debate based on any kind of "Totality of Physical Evidence" in the John F. Kennedy assassination. Because the conspiracy proponents are holding an empty box when it comes to the "physical evidence" topic.


If you actually researched the case, David, as opposed to recycling VB's [Vincent Bugliosi's] arguments, you'd find this wasn't true. I mean, why weren't you in Dallas, or Bethesda, the last few years when I totally deconstructed and destroyed the single-bullet theory? Or just a few days ago, when I went through the fingerprint evidence, and proved lie after lie?

The LN position Oswald fired at Kennedy and killed Tippit is basically a sideshow at this point. The more important question--historically speaking--is why the DPD, FBI, WC staff, Justice Dept., and even HSCA staff lied so often and with such reckless disregard for the truth? Why--if it was just Oswald--did they find it necessary to lie so much?

Until an LNT is willing to deal with this now-proven fact---that lie after lie was told to support the Oswald-did-it theory--your side is hopeless, David. I mean, I can do it--I could sit down and cook up a theory whereby Oswald did it, but where most everyone involved in the investigation was scared he didn't, or was scared the public might think he didn't, and decided to pollute the record with lie after lie. But few if any LNTs are willing to do as much...and hopelessly tie themselves to such clear liars as Humes and Day and Specter and Guinn and Canning (not to mention Lattimer and Alvarez) in the process.


I couldn't disagree more strongly with Mr. Patrick J. Speer above.

The EVIDENCE proves Oswald's guilt---and always has---right from Day 1 on 11/22/63.

Apparently CTers think the "fix was in" against Oswald right from Day 1 (practically Hour #1 or Hour #2 on November 22). And this "fix" would, of course, have HAD to include the DPD, the Dallas Sheriff's Office, the Secret Service, and the FBI.

And ALL of these organizations got together on Day 1 and decided to join forces to manipulate the evidence so that ALL of it--collected from FOUR different locations (the TSBD, the hospital, the Presidential limousine, and 10th Street in Oak Cliff)--would conveniently point to only ONE MAN, Lee Harvey Oswald.

Yeah, right. And my mother once pitched a perfect game for the Seattle Pilots in 1969.


"It's easy to "investigate" when you simply dismiss everything
you don't like."
-- Martin Weidmann; 2015

(He's right.)


Yep. And the CTers who conveniently "dismiss" every single piece of evidence that points to ONLY OSWALD are the absolute proof that Martin is correct in that quote.

Thanks for today's Pot/Kettle laugh, Johnny. Irony has always been a CTer's forte.


If I was as blinkered as DVP, and so ignored chains of evidence for the guns, bullets, prints etc, then I too could ignorantly claim,

"There is not a scrap of physical evidence in EITHER murder case that points in any direction other than to Lee Harvey Oswald and HIS guns and HIS bullets and HIS prints, etc." -- DVP

Mysterious sudden appearance of the bag at the sniper's nest, tricky, it doesn't fit in with the simpletons' view, best ignore this.

The posted paper bag that appeared after the shooting, best ignore this.

Lack of prints on the rifle, until Oswald is dead, and lo and behold they are suddenly seen, best ignore this.

Tippit shells that were clearly switched.

The jacket found after the Tippit shooting that had no link with Oswald, no one knew who found it, but (in the absence of any solid evidence) was still presented as proof of Oswald's guilt.

The fix was on before Day 1, setting up someone in advance was hardly rocket science, the Milteer tapes mention how easy it is to set someone up, the mafia also talked of setting up a nut.

All of DVP's evidence fades away under close, neutral inspection. That is why he hasn't got a single piece of conclusive evidence he can quote that confirms Oswald's guilt.


There are so many crackpot, unproven myths in Johnny's last post, I could write all night long about how stupid his claims are. (And, as usual, Hartley will just pretend that the two NON-POE bullet shells on Tenth Street have a weak chain of custody too--even though those two shells have a perfectly fine chain.)

And this 11/23/63 document proves that the CTers in the "NO PRINTS WERE FOUND ON THE RIFLE ON DAY 1" club are totally nuts (and dead wrong).


That is your problem DVP, you keep pushing your hopeless bluffs.

The chain of evidence for the shells is non existent, as the police were busy detaching themselves from admitting anything to do with them, as they knew how bogus the shells presented in evidence were.

DVP can lie about this all he wants, but there is nothing to prove the shells officially presented as having been fired on the day were the same ones found on the day of the Tippit shooting.


Sure, Johnny. Just pretend everyone was switching evidence to frame the sap named Oswald.

I mean, can ANY person on ANY jury really be 100% certain that evidence was handled with perfect care and with a perfect "chain of possession" in ANY murder case or ANY criminal case? Of course they can't. And that's what slick and slimy defense attorneys rely on when some of the evidence in a case isn't as "perfect" as the prosecution would like.

Heck, anybody can just SAY "the evidence has all been planted or faked". But don't you think a TAD bit of PROOF should be required in order to dangle that claim in front of a jury (or, in the JFK case, in front of anyone interested in the Kennedy murder)?

And what PROOF do you have that ALL FOUR bullet shells on 10th Street were faked or switched?

Answer---Johnny's got NO proof at all. He THINKS they were planted, because Johnny doesn't even like the idea of Precious Patsy Lee Harvey being guilty of Tippit's murder.

You're a joke, Johnny. Get a new hobby. This "Everything's Fake" schtick is outmoded.


DVP, your document of 23.11.63 is worthless, it is dated 23.11.63, but is stamped for filing on 22.11.63. Now surely even you can see that a document can't be filed before it is written.


Oh, great! Another fake document! The 11/23/63 document written by FBI agent Nat A. Pinkston is "worthless", per Johnny Hartley.

Hartley thinks that just because somebody stamped it "Nov. 22", and the date in the upper-right says Nov. 23, that means it's a fake. Hilarious.

The document obviously refers to things that happened ON NOVEMBER 22. It was then typed up the next day. Almost all FBI documents, in fact, have this one-day (or two-day) lag in the dates.

Try again, Johnny. What about those Dhority/Doughty shells?? They're fake too, right?


Ah, this is more like the real DVP. When asked to support his claims with evidence, he can't, so he just insults the questioner.


Folks, watch how the lightweight DVP always tries to change the subject when challenged... or just ignores the questions until it is safe for him to reappear and the questions have stopped being asked of him.

Lightweight DVP.

Laugh at the way he now says there is no need for a chain of evidence. Hey DVP, let's go further than that, find someone guilty without needing any evidence. Oh yeah, silly me, that already happened with Oswald.

Ah, so his official 22 November document he pitifully relies on to prove there were Oswald prints on the rifle he now thinks could have actually been typed up the next day. But why then, Fool? Why not a week later? A month later? You see, David Von Pein, your evidence (as usual) is worthless as you have no idea where it came from or when it was produced.

And that seediness of yours is why your case against Oswald, based on fabricated, unauthenticated evidence, is as shoddy as you.

And despite all your years writing about the case, you haven't a single piece of solid definitive evidence against Oswald.


Yeah, Johnny. Pretending that ALL of the many pieces of Oswald-Did-It evidence are fake is a much more reasonable way to go, isn't it?


Even if I had zero pieces of physical evidence, a good case can be made for Oswald's guilt based on his guilty-like actions ALONE.

Or do you think it's common for innocent people to act the way LHO acted in the Texas Theater?

Let's watch Featherweight Johnny now pretend that Oswald's actions and statements in the theater don't mean a darn thing. We should just ignore Oswald pulling that gun out of his pants (the same gun used to kill J.D. Tippit 35 minutes earlier, of course).

And I also predict that Featherweight Johnny will totally deny that Oswald even pulled a gun on Patrolman McDonald at all. That was just a lie cooked up by McDonald and shoe store manager Johnny Brewer.

Right, Featherweight?

Re: the Pinkston FBI document....

Of course it was typed up on November 23rd. It has "11/23/63" right there in the upper-right corner. And it's no different than the multi-date dating system that we see in hundreds of other FBI reports (the FD-302 reports), in which there are many times THREE different dates attached to the report.

Here's one such "three dates" example — CD7; Page 228 — which is a document that was written by the FBI agent on 11/29/63, dictated on 11/30/63, and typed into its final form on 12/2/63. Is it a phony FBI report too, Johnny?


Officer McDonald’s tale about Oswald pulling a gun fails under a cursory examination of the physical evidence.


Yep. Right on cue. Another CTer pretends that Oswald had NO GUN at all in the theater.


And that makes two more rotten liars (M.N. McDonald and Johnny Brewer) to add to the never-ending list of liars compiled by CTers.

No jail in Texas would have been big enough to hold all the crooks, liars, and patsy framers that existed in Dallas on November 22nd.


Clearly Pat Speer was correct in his statement about you recycling Bugliosi’s arguments.


Oh sure, Dillon. I needed Vince to take me by the hand regarding the theater scuffle between McDonald and Oswald. I couldn't possibly have known about it and reached any conclusion about it without Vincent's assistance.

You're actually also implying that I knew nothing about the theater scuffle prior to May 15, 2007 (the publication date of Bugliosi's book).

Oh, brother.

David Von Pein
November 26-28, 2015
November 29, 2015