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The link below contains yet another excellent and very detailed article by Dale K. Myers. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. ....

JFK Assassination Acoustics And The Photographic Record:
Why The HSCA’s Acoustic Evidence Of Conspiracy Is Invalid

The demonstrable PROOF that completely demolishes the HSCA's paper-thin "4th shot" conclusion has been available to read on Mr. Myers' website for years.

And Dale's new November 2010 article in response to Don Thomas' recent book only further enhances and supports the ironclad proof that no motorcycle was in a position where it needed to be to support the HSCA's acoustical findings of a fourth gunshot.

Why conspiracy theorists continue to cling to this acoustical nonsense is a bigger mystery to me than Bigfoot.

And, of course, Dale could have added still more insult to Don Thomas' injury if he had chosen to do so, because Mr. Myers' 11/19/2010 article doesn't even touch upon the OTHER major reason to know that the acoustical/Dictabelt evidence is invalid -- that being the very high likelihood (thanks to Steve Barber's 1979 discovery) that the "impulse" sounds that the HSCA said were "gunshots" on the Dallas Police Dictabelt are actually occurring about a full minute AFTER the assassination had taken place in Dallas' Dealey Plaza.

So there are multiple reasons to be skeptical of the House Select Committee's acoustical analysis, and yet people like Donald Thomas seem totally oblivious to any of the various problems that exist with the acoustics evidence.

But, as Dale Myers himself said (when talking about another conspiracy theorist, Oliver Stone, and the same quote is certainly applicable here when discussing Donald Thomas' stubbornness regarding the acoustical evidence):

"Apparently, reality doesn’t set well with the Hollywood filmmaker [Oliver Stone]. Denial is SO much more comforting." -- Dale K. Myers; January 25, 2010

[Also see "Beyond Reasonable Doubt", Appendix 2, Pages 441-455, "Replication Of The HSCA Weiss & Aschkenasy Acoustic Analysis"
by Michael O'Dell.]

David Von Pein
November 22, 2010
November 4, 2015