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David Von Pein wants to sell us a bill of goods about the Tippit shooting, when I have already explained why he is wrong.


And James H. Fetzer surely knows WAY more than the Warren Commission and the HSCA, right?

Those two U.S. Government entities declared Oswald GUILTY of murdering J.D. Tippit. But Jim Fetzer doesn't give a damn about that--after all, it's merely the corrupt "Government". Right, James?

BTW, Jim, your explanations concerning the Tippit murder are pathetic. J.M. Poe didn't initial FOUR shells. He only handled the two Benavides shells, not four. And Poe himself told the WC that he wasn't sure whether he marked them or not.

But even if we were to toss the two Poe shells out the window, Oswald's guilt (ballistically) is still proven via the two OTHER (Davis) shells, which have a clear and distinct chain of custody -- from the Davis girls to two different police officers: Doughty and Dhority.


Today I wrote this brief article regarding Bill and Gayle Newman and their 11/22/63 interviews on WFAA-TV in Dallas.

I'm wondering what a Zapruder Film Alterationist like Mr. Fetzer thinks about when he watches that November 22nd footage showing the Newmans talking about a big hole in the RIGHT-FRONT portion of President Kennedy's head (vs. the big hole being at the BACK of the President's head, which, of course, is where Fetzer thinks the wound was located, with no big hole AT ALL located in the place where Bill and Gayle Newman said they saw one -- and the Newmans said that they saw it there within MINUTES of the shooting too).

Jim, did some of the plotters somehow coerce both Bill and Gayle to say on live TV that there was blood "gushing out" of the right side of JFK's head?

Every conspiracy theorist should watch (and listen to) the live TV and radio coverage that aired on November 22, 1963. And after doing that, they should ask themselves these questions:

Does the radio and television footage I just watched and heard REALLY support the kind of multi-gun assassination plot that many conspiracists have endorsed since 1963? Or does that footage actually support the conclusions of the Warren Commission and the House Select Committee on Assassinations?

Any reasonable person, after watching the live 11/22 coverage (in which nearly every single report indicates that only THREE shots were fired from ONE single gun and by ONE single gunman in the Texas School Book Depository), has no choice but to conclude that the silly Oliver Stone-like "3-gunmen, 6-shots" assassination scenario, and all multi-gun theories similar to Stone's, should be discarded for all time as being totally unreasonable and flat-out ludicrous, given the live TV footage they have just witnessed.

You should try it, Jim. It'll do you good:

David Von Pein
November 26, 2010