(PART 998)


I've often thought that the mystery is like two 500-piece jigsaw puzzles, with the pieces all scrambled into one pile (by Hoover). The authorities knew what the picture looked like and deliberately scrambled the pieces of another puzzle knowing that it would be nearly impossible to put the puzzle together.

But the pieces are coming together and it's just a matter of time.


The "conspiracy" pieces only come together if you're willing to place your faith in some very stupid shit....e.g. (to highlight some of [Doug] Horne's silliness and some other impossible things too),

1.) The autopsy doctors are all worthless liars.

2.) The autopsy doctors altered the President's wounds before the autopsy to eliminate all signs of a frontal shooter.

3.) A member(s) of the "cover-up team" of worthless and rotten liars went out and got a human brain so that a second "fake" brain exam could be performed on President Kennedy. (The "second" brain was apparently stolen from the head of King Kong, because according to some kooks, it was a brain that was way, way too big to be the brain of JFK. Go figure the idiocy of this mistake.) ~shrug~

4.) The Dallas Police Department was filled with lots of worthless liars and cover-up operatives.

5.) The FBI was filled with worthless liars and cover-up agents.

6.) The Warren Commission was filled with worthless liars and cover-up agents.

7.) The HSCA was filled with still more liars who wanted to pretend that only Oswald's bullets hit JFK and Governor Connally.

8.) The four doctors on the Clark Panel in 1968 were either rotten liars too, or they were totally inept at evaluating the autopsy photos and X-rays (and the Zapruder Film). (Or: All of the autopsy photos and X-rays have been faked, which is another common [silly] belief advanced by the conspiracy kooks.)

9.) The pathologists on the Rockefeller Commission in 1975 were also either completely clueless about the medical evidence (including the autopsy photographs and X-rays), or the Rockefeller doctors were part of the continuing and never-ending "cover-up" as well.

10.) The Zapruder Film has been faked/altered, or: if you believe a fool named Jim Fetzer, the film has been "wholly fabricated" from start to finish, even though the #1 thing that spells "conspiracy" to most Americans--the rear head snap--is still part of the supposedly fraudulent Z-Film. Talk about contradictions--that one regarding Z-Film fakery takes the Duncan Hines.

11.) Per the conspiracy theorists, gobs of witnesses heard shots coming from the Grassy Knoll, and then a whole bunch of them decided it was wise to start running DIRECTLY TOWARD THE MURDERER....even though, offhand, I can think of ZERO witnesses who said this after the assassination: "Yes, I heard several shots coming from the Knoll, and so I ran up the Knoll to see if I could spot the gunman, even though I knew I was in terrible danger, running directly toward the area where a person with a gun had just shot the President; but I did it anyway; to hell with my safety."

[Jean Hill came the closest to making such a statement when she said the following on 11/22/63: "The shots came from the hill...I guess I didn't have any better sense; I started running up there too."]

12.) Lots and lots of evidence was "planted", in order to frame Lee Harvey Oswald for TWO murders he never committed on 11/22/63. Even though there has never been one single person who has ever said they witnessed any of this "planting", and nobody has ever confessed to planting anything either--not even on their deathbeds.

13.) Lee Oswald was being impersonated YEARS prior to the 1963 assassination of JFK. (The plotters were really thinking ahead here, evidently.)

14.) President Lyndon Johnson was part of the assassination plot and/or its subsequent cover-up.

15.) JFK was killed because he had the gall to WANT PEACE TO EXIST IN THE WORLD. (This one might be the silliest conspiracy theory of all. And Oliver Stone has many people believing it.)

And there are 1,647 additional really stupid things you'd have to believe (and many of them IN TANDEM) in order to believe that a large-scale conspiracy existed to end JFK's life, but I'll stop with those fifteen items for now.

David Von Pein
February 7, 2010