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Something rather remarkable happened during this JFK forum discussion on July 21, 2010, concerning three separate posts made by three different LNers -- myself, Bud, and Jean Davison.

In that very same thread, there are three consecutive posts made by those three aforementioned LNers, which all bring up the very same thing concerning the question of whether it would have been possible for Lee Harvey Oswald (or anyone) to have walked into a Texas gun store in 1963 and bought a rifle which could never be traced (which is the claim we constantly hear being made by conspiracy theorists, such as in Oliver Stone's 1991 movie "JFK", which contains a scene that has Jim Garrison and one of his investigators talking about how Oswald could have gone into a Texas gun shop and walked out with a rifle that could never be traced).

Anyway, I just thought that this was somewhat of a remarkable coincidence today, to have three different people bringing up the exact same thing regarding this potential "conspiracy myth" concerning Texas gun shops and so-called untraceable weapons.

And another odd part about this "triple" post is the fact that (as far as I can recall) this subject of challenging the CTers about this potential myth regarding gun shops hasn't really come up very much at JFK forums in the past.

In fact, it's been during just the last two or three days that I had started thinking about this subject myself, and I started wondering if the CTers were right, or if it was just another unfounded myth.

Below are the three posts that I was referring to, which appear back-to-back on the aaj Usenet newsgroup over an eight-hour time period on July 21, 2010.

I wonder if DVP [me], Bud, and Jean will now be accused of comparing notes before posting messages on the newsgroup? Or maybe we'll all be accused by some of the conspiracy theorists of being the very same person....


"I'd like to know if conspiracists are right when they say that Oswald could have walked into any gun shop or department store in Texas in 1963 and bought a gun that could never be traced?

No paperwork was required at a gun shop in Texas in '63? No signature from the purchaser? Nothing? Just grab the gun and run?

I'm not saying that perhaps that wasn't how it worked in Texas gun stores, circa 1963, but I'm just wondering if it really was that cut-&-dried--even back in '63? I've never really ever seen that confirmed anywhere (that I can think of).

Could that be just another of the many conspiracy myths that we've been saddled with since the JFK assassination--with Oliver Stone giving it a handy push in his blockbuster movie too? I just wonder.

~~ Thinking about the "Benavides' Brother" myth that was destroyed recently, with Domingo's brother really being killed in 1965, not 1964 ~~"

-- David Von Pein; 7/21/10; 12:24 AM EDT


"I'm not sure your claim that there is no record made when purchasing a rifle in 1963 Dallas [is true?]. In any case, if Oswald is forced to discard the weapon, it's easily traced to where it was sold. If you think this makes for an impossible connection to the person who purchased the weapon, I'd say you are likely wrong." -- Bud; 7/21/10; 12:25 AM EDT


"Once again I ask, what's the evidence that a rifle could've been bought in Dallas "with no records"?" -- Jean Davison; 7/21/10; 8:34 AM EDT


David Von Pein
July 21, 2010