(PART 1004)


At Wim Dankbaar's house of CT idiots, "Dealey Joe" said this:


"Do not be fooled by this guy [DVP]. His education is what he has always kept covered up. Hiding his real identity has thrown everyone for a loop, his plan exactly.

According to my findings, he is very well educated. One university he likely either attended or taught, maybe both, was a Quaker college, Guilford. Remember he was from the town that Ruth Paine visited on her trip to pick up Marina -- Richmond, Indiana, a strong Quaker town.

Von Pein would only have been a couple years old in '63, but he had family. Although I can't prove it, I think his family knew Ruth Paine. He may have set [sic] on her lap? Now since he is found out, he has decided to come out of the closet as far as his picture. We already knew what he looked like. He thrives on controversy because it keeps everyone off guard. I suspect he is a disinfo agent."
-- "Dealey Joe"; August 3, 2010

[End Quote.]


The above post by "Dealey Joe" is another example of how conspiracy theorists will, to quote Vincent Bugliosi, "leap from the most minuscule of discoveries to the grandest of conclusions".

Here's how Dealey Joe came to the grand conclusion that my "family knew Ruth Paine" (which I guess, if true, must mean my mom and dad were in cahoots with Mrs. Paine in a plot to frame Oswald in 1963):

In a blog I created in 2009 about Ruth Paine [located HERE], I discuss a rather strange and interesting coincidence that occurred in the summer of 1963: Mrs. Paine visited some friends in my hometown of Richmond, Indiana (Ruth had also attended a Quaker conference at Earlham College in Richmond back in 1947, which happened to be the very first "Young Friends" conference she ever attended).

I remarked in my blog [HERE] that I thought that was a rather strange coincidence for a key person in the JFK assassination saga to have at least a few ties to my own hometown in eastern Indiana, which is a pretty small town.

So, apparently from those comments that I made about this "connection" between myself, my hometown of Richmond, and Ruth Paine, "Dealey Joe" has leaped to the grand conclusion that my family and Ruth knew each other. And Joe also has concluded that I attended (or taught at) a Quaker university too.

Dealey Joe's investigative skills are a perfect example of why the conspiracy community has been having trouble solving the JFK murder -- i.e.: the community is populated with idiots when it comes to the topic of the assassination of President Kennedy.

Anyway, to keep Dealey Joe's illusion of me alive, I'll be sure to give Ruth Paine a call tonight. She'll want to know that crackerjack researchers like Dealey Joe have finally unearthed the sinister "Von Pein/Paine" connection. (Hey, even our names are similar. Maybe Joe can work that fact into his next theory.)

I also want to remind Ruth to never travel anywhere ever again. Because if she does, she is bound to stop in a town that has as one of its residents a 2-year-old boy who will have an interest in the JFK murder case in the year 2040. And a deep "connection" like that will be impossible for any LNer to deny.

David Von Pein
August 10, 2010