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Question for Davey:

About LHO having the revolver in question in his hand at the theater. Are you ignoring all the info from people who don't think LHO had that revolver on him at the theater?


Some of the people might not have actually SEEN the gun. But there can be no doubt the gun was in LHO's hands. Johnny Brewer's testimony PROVES that fact. And Brewer was NOT A COP. Hence, you can't place Brewer into your basket of cops who you want to pretend were framing Oswald for the murder of their fellow police officer--all the while those same cops DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ALLOWING THE REAL KILLER OF THEIR FELLOW POLICEMAN TO GET OFF SCOT-FREE.


And also the fact that a revolver does not eject automatic shells?


Right. It doesn't. Hence, not a single "automatic" shell is in evidence in this murder case. Only shells from Oswald's S&W revolver are in evidence in this murder case.


And all the evidence that indicates someone dropped Oswald's wallet at the scene--and that wallet cannot be Tippit's.


There is confusion about whose wallet it was. And, yes, it most certainly COULD have been Tippit's. Ron Reiland, who filmed the wallet for WFAA-TV, even says on live TV on Nov. 22 that the wallet was Tippit's:

"If I had to wager, I'd conclude it was Tippit's wallet, and the reason Reiland stated that it was Tippit's wallet is that the police had informed him at the scene that it was. .... It makes no sense to me that the Dallas police and detectives, several of whom were Tippit's friends, would keep from the world that his killer's wallet was found near his body." -- Vincent Bugliosi; Pages 453 and 456 of "Reclaiming History" (Endnotes)

And that last sentence by Bugliosi -- "It makes no sense to me that the Dallas police and detectives...would keep from the world that his killer's wallet was found near his body" -- makes even more sense when you factor in the theories of some conspiracists, who think some of those very same Dallas police officers were FRAMING Oswald for Tippit's murder!

Under those "frame-up" conditions, why on Earth wouldn't the rotten cops advertise to the world with a megaphone that "OSWALD'S WALLET WAS FOUND NEXT TO TIPPIT'S BODY!"

Did ANY of the evil cops do this? No.


Davey: Because they realized that they already had his wallet from his apprehension at the theater, and that no one could be so dumb as to carry two wallets with full ID on the day they were planning to kill the president. Not even your buddy Dan Rather could say that without laughing on TV. You probably could though.


Boy, what a bunch of goofball, halfwit Patsy Framers you've got there, Jim.

They planted a wallet that's supposed to be Oswald's on Tenth Street....and yet -- SLAPS FOREHEAD! -- they forgot about the wallet that Oswald probably was carrying with him in the theater!

Great plan there.

Of course, why this little "2 Wallets" snafu would bother your crackerjack team of DPD frame-up artists is a mystery to me --- they could have merely pretended that the 10th Street wallet near Tippit's body was the ONLY wallet associated with their patsy Oswald that day! Just get rid of the "theater" wallet and pretend that the 10th Street wallet was Oswald's lone wallet that he was carrying on November 22, 1963.

That's a piece of cake for these DPD patsy framers. Right, Jim?

Bottom Line ---- Not a single cop put in their official reports that Oswald's wallet was found near Tippit's body on Tenth Street. Why that very important fact doesn't bother Jim DiEugenio is a good-sized mystery to me.

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David Von Pein
August 8, 2010