(PART 1007)


I see that the price for all five of Doug Horne's volumes of pure fantasy has gone up recently at Amazon.com [as of late February 2010]. A person now has to shell out $125 to get all five volumes of Mr. Horne's invented tripe. A ridiculous sum to pay for a batch of fables that would probably embarrass even Aesop.

I wonder if anyone in Mr. Horne's camp has ever bothered asking themselves this question (re: Dr. James J. Humes):

If Dr. Humes had been the type of vile, despicable conspirator that Mr. Horne says he was, then why on Earth would Humes have ADMITTED to burning ANY autopsy documents when he testified in front of the Warren Commission and the HSCA and the ARRB?

The fact that Humes ADMITTED to burning various autopsy documents in his home fireplace is virtual proof, right there, that Humes HAD NOTHING TO HIDE with respect to any of his testimony in front of the above-named Governmental committees.

It couldn't be more obvious, via just plain ol' common sense, that when Humes admitted (three times) to burning some of the autopsy materials, it means that such "burning" was definitely NOT DONE TO CONCEAL ANYTHING CONSPIRATORIAL IN NATURE. Otherwise, Humes would have kept his mouth shut about destroying stuff in his fireplace.

Common sense can go a long way in the JFK investigation. It's just too bad that very few conspiracy theorists possess very much of that human trait. Because if they did, they would also be asking themselves:

If JFK was shot from different locations in Dealey Plaza, then how in the world did the so-called conspirators expect to possibly frame JUST ONE SINGLE PATSY NAMED LEE HARVEY OSWALD for the President's murder?

It's food for Horne-battling thought anyway. Isn't it?

David Von Pein
February 22, 2010 (EST)