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You moron, I don't care what he [James Sibert] said in 2005, it's what he said to the Warren Commission... so, NOW you're saying after 40+ years his memory finally solidified? Did he lie in the 60's-70's-80's-90's. Speak up troll!


Sibert didn't testify in front of the Warren Commission, you useless idiot. Neither did O'Neill.

That 2005 interview is the only time I've ever heard FBI agent James W. Sibert talk about the JFK case in public (not counting his depositions and affidavits to the HSCA and ARRB). And in that 2005 interview, he fully explains the myths that have surfaced about the "surgery" remark, and about the so-called "missile" too.

But it's okay with me if you want to include the things Sibert said "on the record" to the HSCA. Sibert said this in an HSCA affidavit on October 24, 1978:

"When the body was first observed on the autopsy table, it was thought by the doctors that surgery had possibly been performed in the head area and such was reflected in my notes at the time. However, this was determined not to be correct following a detailed inspection." -- J.W. Sibert


There's also this from Vince Bugliosi's book:

"In a 1999 telephone conversation from his retirement home in Fort Myers, Florida, [James] Sibert told me that when the casket was opened in the autopsy room, "The president was wrapped in two sheets, one around his body, another sheet around his head." He said the sheet around the head was "soaked in blood," and when it was removed, Dr. Humes "almost immediately upon seeing the president's head—this was before the autopsy—remarked that the president had a tracheotomy and surgery of the head area." When I asked Sibert what Humes was referring to when he used the word surgery, he said, "He was referring to the large portion of the president's skull that was missing." When I asked him why he was so sure of this, he replied, "Well, if you were there, it couldn't have been more clear that that's what he was talking about. He said this as soon as he saw the president's head. He hadn't looked close-up for any evidence of surgery to the head when he said this. I'm positive that's what he was referring to."" -- Page 1060 of "Reclaiming History"


Why CTers continue to cling to inaccurate information is anyone's guess--but they do it--all the time.

Sibert and O'Neill merely wrote down what Dr. Humes said at the start of the autopsy. And that information was proven to be wrong. And even most CTers know and think it was wrong--because there are very few CTers who are idiotic enough to actually believe David Lifton's theory about there being "surgery" done to JFK's body before the autopsy.

Speak up, Healy. We're waiting anxiously for you to place your other huge foot in your trap (like when you implied that Sibert had testified in front of the Warren Commission; that was a nice foot-in-mouth moment).

David Von Pein
May 5, 2013