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A kook named Roderick A. MacKenzie was interviewed on Internet radio in May 2010, and he told a nice rambling tale about how he was a part of a team of many different conspirators (all affiliated with the Mob in some fashion) in the assassination of President Kennedy.

MacKenzie says he knew J.D. Tippit (and "went shooting with him"), and he also personally knew Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby and David Ferrie and Guy Banister and Malcolm Wallace and Johnny Roselli and an assortment of other bigshots who were evidently all involved in having Kennedy killed.

Apparently MacKenzie's main function in the assassination plot against JFK was to produce a number of fake identification cards and badges (which, evidently, were passed out to the various assassins and co-conspirators which littered Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63 like ants at a picnic, as indicated via my list below).

MacKenzie even says he was the person who created one of Lee Oswald's fake I.D. cards with the name A.J. Hidell on it! How's that for a whopper of a lie?

According to Kook MacKenzie (by way of a conversation he had with Malcolm Wallace a couple of days after the assassination), there were SIX teams of assassins and conspirators in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. These teams were located in the following locations:

1.) On the second floor of the Texas School Book Depository. This was supposedly the "command area" that was utilized by the plotters on November 22nd. MacKenzie doesn't know if anybody actually shot any guns from the second floor "command area", however.

And according to Mac Wallace, among the group of four conspirators on the SECOND FLOOR OF THE BOOK DEPOSITORY when Kennedy was shot were none other than Carlos Marcello and Jack Ruby!

I've got to give MacKenzie some points for originality here, because the theory about Ruby and Marcello being inside the TSBD when JFK was assassinated is certainly one I hadn't heard before.

MacKenzie, however, said he doesn't believe that Marcello was really in the TSBD on November 22. Marcello, of course, is known to have been in a New Orleans courtroom at the time when JFK was murdered.

Of course, the second floor of the TSBD in 1963 was reserved for office space. Unlike the upper floors of the building, the second floor wasn't a big wide-open "warehouse" space.

So, perhaps Ruby and Marcello and Company were successful at renting one of the second-floor offices to use as their Assassination Command Center on 11/22/63. And they did so without a single TSBD employee noticing this activity. (Yeah, right.)

2.) On the sixth floor of the TSBD, in the famous "Sniper's Nest", was another batch of four Presidential assassins. And this team of killers included a female conspirator named Ruth Ann Martinez. (On pages 919 and 920 of Vincent Bugliosi's book "Reclaiming History", an alleged conspirator associated with Malcolm Wallace by the name of "Ruth Ann" is mentioned. But Bugliosi doesn't say anything about her last name being "Martinez".)

Also located in the Sniper's Nest were Malcolm Wallace and Lawrence "Loy" Factor. And Factor was "one hell of a shot", according to the kook telling this fable, Rod MacKenzie.

And the other person who was part of this four-member TSBD hit team was Lee Harvey Oswald, who was also jammed into the sixth-floor Sniper's Nest with the other three killers. Oswald, per MacKenzie, was "under a spell" of some kind on 11/22/63.

Of course, not a single person who was employed at the Depository ever mentioned seeing any strangers in the building on November 22nd, except for an old man who went to the bathroom and left the building prior to the assassination.

But, amazingly, these two hit teams on the second floor and the sixth floor of the Book Depository were able to waltz in the building (and walk out again) without being noticed by any of the regular Depository workers. This little detail, naturally, doesn't mean a thing to a kook with a fantasy to tell named Roderick A. MacKenzie.

Another logical question to ask here would be this one: Why on Earth would there have been any need for as many as FOUR conspirators to be in the Sniper's Nest at 12:30 PM on 11/22/63? MacKenzie didn't say.

The same logical question should also be asked about the OTHER FIVE shooting locations that MacKenzie has dreamed up out of thin air. Why the need for FOUR assassins in each location?

3.) Another team of assassins was located in the Dal-Tex Building. Among the four killers assigned to the Dal-Tex was Eugene Brading (aka Jim Braden).

4.) And then we have another group of four conspirators/killers located on the roof of the Dallas County Records Building. This team of plotters included--are you sitting down?--Dallas Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig. (Score another point for MacKenzie in the "That's A New One" department.)

5.) And, of course, there are more shooters on the Grassy Knoll. This team also consisted of four assassins, none of whom I've ever heard of before.

6.) And then there was a back-up team of four additional killers on the west side of the Triple Underpass (just in case the other five teams failed to kill JFK). This team included a couple of favorite "tramps" that conspiracy theorists like to drag out of the closet from time to time -- Charles Harrelson and Chauncey Holt.

So, the final tally of "assassins/conspirators" in Dealey Plaza is 24.

I wonder why MacKenzie didn't put a seventh team of hit men in the sewer on Elm Street? I guess it would have been a little difficult to get 4 assassins in that small sewer pipe. And it appears that "four" is the only number of people that could be used to comprise a hit team in Dallas, per MacKenzie's detailed figures. Maybe that's why they didn't use the sewer system that day.

To listen to Rod MacKenzie's complete hilarious tale of assassination fantasy, check out the audio below:

David Von Pein
July 26, 2010