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[Quoting Dr. James J.] Humes: "Scientifically, sir, it is impossible for it to have been fired from other than behind. Or to have exited from other than behind."


Oh, man, this is rich! It's hilarious that Ben Holmes thinks Dr. Humes' "from behind / from behind" double-speak is proof of some kind of a large wound being present in the back of JFK's head. It's absolutely hilarious that Holmes would even bring up this obvious misstatement by Humes.

So, I guess, per his Warren Commission testimony, Humes must have ACTUALLY thought (per Ben Holmes The Kook) that BOTH the entry AND the exit holes from the bullet that crashed into JFK's head were located on the BACK of Kennedy's head.

Obviously, that is not what Dr. Humes meant to imply. But, to a kook, if someone makes a slip of the tongue or makes a comment that could easily be misunderstood by someone (like Humes' remark above), there's no reconciling that statement if you're a conspiracy-happy individual, and there's no amending the statement into a coherent one, instead of the somewhat incoherent one that we find in the WC volumes. Right, Ben?

Ben and I hashed out this "from behind/from behind" thing back in 2006, btw. Here's what I said then about the matter (and the common sense that flows from these two 2006 posts still certainly applies 2.5 years later):

"I've seen that quote from Dr. Humes before, Ben. It's not a bolt from heaven. However, Humes' OTHER comments made during his multiple Govt. testimonies obviously indicate that his WC "exited from behind" remark was either a slip of the tongue or (more likely) was simply a misunderstood remark which came on the heels of speaking about WHERE THE GUNMAN WAS LOCATED (i.e., "from behind" the President).

Both of Humes' "from behind" remarks were almost certainly meant to convey strictly THE LOCATION OF THE ASSASSIN. Why? Because of the exact words he used: "From Other Than Behind", which he says verbatim TWICE. He's obviously ONLY talking about THE LOCATION OF THE KILLER in BOTH of his consecutive "from other than behind" remarks.

A CT-kook wants to jump on this statement by Humes as something odd or "conspiratorial" I guess. But, then, that's why we employ kooks here in the first place. What else are they good for, except to bring up all the inconsistencies in EVERY last piece of testimony and evidence that surrounds the JFK & Tippit murders? It's what CT-Kooks do best....i.e., muddy the waters, in order to try to free guilty Presidential assassins."

-- DVP; June 30, 2006


"The more I ponder Dr. Humes' Double-"FROM OTHER THAN BEHIND" verbiage, it's obvious that BOTH comments dovetail into one another and that he was referring SOLELY to the location of the gunman at the time JFK was hit in the back of the head "From Behind".

Paint Humes as a liar if you please (and you do)....it's typical CT-ism. But read that WHOLE statement again and see the verbatim "From Behind" comments via something other than a skewed CT-only context for once....

"Scientifically, sir, it is impossible for it to have been fired from other than behind. Or to have exited from other than behind." -- Dr. Humes; 2 H 360

He obviously CANNOT mean that a bullet has ENTERED the back of JFK's head AND EXITED from the same place.

With this basic knowledge in place, his statement makes more sense (although it could have been worded better)....but Humes is talking here ONLY about the location of JFK's killer ("from behind" JFK's car)."

-- DVP; June 30, 2006


DVP is one of the more dishonest of the trolls - he's not ignorant of the evidence, as so many others are, so he simply lies about it.


You'll have a very hard time proving that I have "lied" about a single thing I have ever written regarding the JFK murder case. And that's mainly because it's never happened.

David Von Pein
November 27, 2008