(PART 384)


You CAN'T lie this away Dave, there was a hole in the windshield.


At the end of today (like all other days), you and I are left with the
same "Who Do I Believe?" question with regard to the "hole in the
windshield" debate (and many other JFK debates).

You (being a conspiracy-loving kook) choose to believe any and all things
that you think will help you prop up your insane and obviously incorrect
"Anybody But Oswald" theory.

I, OTOH, (being a non-kook) will try to weigh the overall evidence,
realizing that discrepancies are a part of life and realizing also
that there's no possible chance on this Earth that a police officer
named Stavis Ellis actually went up to that limousine and stuck a
pencil through a hole in the windshield (even if there HAD been a hole
in it); because such a belief is, frankly, just stupid. Why on Earth
would ANYONE have a desire to stick a "pencil" through a hole in the

Can't you see how idiotic that sounds, Rob?

BTW, I'm doubting very much that Ellis said that he actually DID
physically put a pencil through the windshield. I think he merely
stated that if he'd wanted to, he COULD have stuck a pencil through it
(in his [wrong] opinion). Big difference.

But the "non-kook" position on this topic is, of course, the only way
to arrive at the truth. And that's because of the testimony of Robert
A. Frazier of the FBI...plus the photos of the windshield. Frazier's
testimony regarding the windshield always has and always will trump
Ellis and all other "there was a hole in the windshield" witnesses --
no matter how many of those witnesses there are.

Also --

We know for a fact that the windshield was ONLY struck by a bullet
from BEHIND, because the lead residue was only located on the INSIDE
of the windshield's glass (Rob The Kook obviously must think that Bob
Frazier just made up that stuff about the residue ONLY existing on the
INSIDE portion of the glass).

But a kook like Rob has no choice but to dismiss the BEST evidence
every time, on every subject. Because if he didn't dismiss the best
evidence totally, then he'd have to admit that his favorite patsy was
guilty of two murders in Dallas.

David Von Pein
November 28, 2008