(PART 380)


I was looking over Dr. J. Thornton Boswell's February 1996 ARRB testimony (or deposition), and jotted down these rather interesting remarks made by Dr. Boswell:

DR. BOSWELL -- "The external examination was done first, and as soon
as the body had been examined, the photographer was brought in and
various photographs, external photographs, were taken, at which point
we then backed away and permitted the radiologist to X-ray the entire
body, and then we began further external examination and dissection
while awaiting the development of the X-ray film. Then the wounds of
entry and exit were studied preliminary to an examination of the
abdominal and thoracic cavity."

[DVP -- Sounds to me like the X-rays were likely taken BEFORE any
manipulation of President Kennedy's head was done by the autopsists.]


DR. BOSWELL -- "The bullet came in here, went through and exploded,
and bone was eviscerated, and the upper surface of that side of the
brain was missing."

JEREMY GUNN -- "During your answer you were pointing to parts of your
head, which, of course, wouldn't be reflected on the record. Could you
just describe in a general way--and we'll be more specific with this
later, but when you say that it entered here, you were pointing to--"

DR. BOSWELL -- "The back right side of his skull."

MR. GUNN -- "Near the hairline, would that be fair, or--?"

DR. BOSWELL -- "No. It's up above that. Well, whose hairline?"

MR. GUNN -- "President Kennedy's."

DR. BOSWELL -- "He had hair cut about like mine, and it was right up
here: above his ear and toward the midline. And then the top of his
head was blown off. A 14-centimeter segment of it was blown off. And
it was on the right side of his brain that the brain was missing."

certainly suggest that Boswell is talking about the RED SPOT as the
entry hole in this autopsy photograph.

In fact, those words ("above his ear and toward the midline") fit
perfectly with the "cowlick"/"red spot" entry seen in that picture.
Given those remarks by Boswell about the location of the entry wound,
what other piece of real estate on JFK's head could POSSIBLY be deemed
the "entry" point for a bullet in this photo pictured below?:]


MR. GUNN -- "Dr. Boswell, could you look at the top of page 4 of
Exhibit 3 that I have just handed to you where it says, "Situated in
the posterior scalp approximately 2.5 centimeters laterally to the
right and slightly above the external occipital protuberance is a
lacerated wound measuring 15 by 6 millimeters." Is that an accurate
description of where you understood the entrance wound to be at the
time of the autopsy, 2.5 centimeters to the right and slightly above
the external occipital protuberance?"

DR. BOSWELL -- "Yes."

And confirmed by Dr. J. Thornton Boswell here in his ARRB testimony,
32+ years after he signed the autopsy report which said the very same
thing. Thank you, Doctor.]


MR. GUNN -- "Did you at any point ever change your mind about the
location of the entrance wound in the skull?"

DR. BOSWELL -- "No."

[DVP -- Thank you, again, Doctor. This has to mean that the entry hole
for Lee Harvey Oswald's Carcano bullet was located ABOVE the EOP on
John Kennedy's head--not below it (as some theorists seem to be
indicating, if they want to advance the idea that the white piece of
brain tissue near the hairline of the President is really a bullet hole).]


DR. BOSWELL -- "Photographs were taken at various stages. The scalp
was pulled forward in order to demonstrate the wound of entrance. And
then the scalp was reflected to show the magnitude of the wound and
more or less the direction of the bullet, and then to remove the

[DVP -- Via these words spoken by Dr. Boswell -- "AND THEN TO REMOVE
THE BRAIN" -- it sounds to me as if the brain would have still been
inside JFK's head when this picture was snapped by John Stringer,
contrary to the belief of many conspiracy theorists (and others):]


MR. GUNN -- "Was there any damage to the cerebellum that you noticed
during the time of the autopsy?"

DR. BOSWELL -- "No."

MR. GUNN -- "So both the right and left hemisphere of the cerebellum
were intact?"

DR. BOSWELL -- "Yes."

[DVP -- Shouldn't the above comments by Dr. Boswell about the
cerebellum being completely intact and undamaged put to rest the
theories advanced by some people that portions of the cerebellum were
oozing out of President Kennedy's head at Parkland Memorial Hospital?]

David Von Pein
November 26, 2008