(PART 373)


McAdams says my arguments are too arcane. Walker says I'm rude. Fiorentino says he's too busy. Durnavich and Mitch Todd quit posting entirely..and it goes on and on. Funny thing, though, none of them will explain the conflicts I present to them regarding the stupid cowlick entry or no-BOH-wound theories....it's just you who stubbornly "tries" to with your repetitive already-debunked trio of so-called evidence: the Z-film, the lateral x-ray, and the BOH photo.


LOL. John Canal thinks those three things have been "debunked" in some
way. That's a real howl!

Those three things being:

1.) The Zapruder Film (which shows no large-ish hole in the back of
JFK's head at any point on the film).

2.) The lateral X-ray of JFK (which shows no large BOH hole at all, of

3.) The autopsy photo [actually TWO pictures in total, including the
back-wound photo] of the back of JFK's head (which, of course, shows
no large-ish BOH hole either).

The above three things, IN TANDEM, are proving that John's own theory
is incorrect. But he thinks that this IN-TANDEM evidence (which all
shows him to be wrong) has been "debunked" in some fashion.

But John C. doesn't think that any of those three items have been "faked"
or "tampered with" either. So it's a strange belief that John possesses
here. Those three items are "debunked" in John's mind--but ONLY so far
as his own unique LN / LARGE BOH Wound theory is concerned.

As Andy Taylor always used to mumble to himself on "The Andy Griffith
Show" in the early 1960s -- "Curious, curious, curious."


I just think you ought to ask yourself why you don't have a lot of active support for your high entry and no-BOH wound myths.


Now I'm believing in "myths" with respect to these things. LOL reprise!

In actuality, if you were to take a poll amongst LNers (here at these
forums or anywhere else), my guess would be that approximately 99% of
all of those LNers believe in just EXACTLY the same scenario that I
believe in. And that list of LNers certainly includes Vincent Bugliosi,
Gerald Posner, Dale Myers, Jim Moore, and several other LN authors.

The reason for the lack of "active support" on these forums, John, is
pretty easy to figure out I think -- it's because those other LNers
(who certainly do not favor the theory that there was ANY kind of a
large-sized hole in the back of JFK's head) are just sick and tired of
following you and your silly theory around the mulberry bush, time and
time again.

Heck, I've gone around this same bush with you at least a half-a-dozen times
myself. But, then too, I probably have lots more time to peck away on this
keyboard than most other LNers have. After all, those people most
likely have what is called a "life". I don't. Hence, I spend hours typing
a lot of common-sense-filled stuff into my computer that will be
archived by Google Groups (it'll remain pretty much ignored and unread;
but it satisfies me to know that my writings are archived somewhere in cyberland).

I'm sure we'll dance around that "BOH" bush a seventh time pretty
soon, John. Until then, try to keep this photo in the forefront of
your mind (if you can); and then ask yourself, honestly, if your LN/
BOH theory has even the slightest chance of being accepted by the
masses as the truth:

David Von Pein
November 18, 2008