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It seems that their agenda was to investigate the possibility of a conspiracy involving Oswald and Frazier. Hardly the actions of a police force actively burying the idea of a conspiracy on orders from high up.


Sam Brown did, indeed, make an excellent point above. And it's a point that certainly goes away from the notion (believed by many, many CTers of the Earth) that the authorities--pretty much ALL of the authorities--were wanting to hang a guilty label on ONLY OSWALD right after the assassination.

If anything that Buell Frazier told Hugh Aynesworth is true (or even partially accurate) [in a November 16, 2008, article that appeared in the Dallas Morning News], it means that the Dallas police and FBI were trying their darndest to EXPOSE a conspiracy between Oswald and Frazier (and perhaps Linnie Mae [Randle] as well).

And those certainly are not the actions of cops and Feds who had an "agenda" to pin the whole thing on ONLY Lee Harvey Oswald.

As far as Buell Wesley Frazier is concerned, I don't think it was unusual or out of the ordinary for the police to suspect Frazier of possibly being "involved" in a plot with Oswald in the immediate aftermath of the assassination.

If I had been in the DPD's shoes, I would have certainly investigated the man who drove the assassin (and the assassin's rifle) to work on the same day when the President was killed.

If the Dallas Police had NOT looked into Frazier's possible involvement with Oswald as a co-conspirator, then the cops wouldn't have been doing their job properly, IMO. Because the person who took the killer to work in his own car the same day the murder occurred is BOUND to be looked at sideways -- at least until Buell Frazier can clear himself (which, of course, he did--to the satisfaction of the police and FBI....otherwise Frazier would have been detained for a longer period of time--and he would have been charged with some crime in connection with JFK's death....which we know did not happen).

My thanks to Sam Brown for a very good and astute observation.

Sam's post also tends to further illustrate the following fact:

Since Lee Harvey Oswald was so obviously the only person who fired any shots at President Kennedy on 11/22/63 (and since no credible evidence has ever surfaced in 45 years to prove that Oswald was working in concert with any behind-the-scenes co-plotters) -- even when LNers are confronted with something that might (on the surface and at first glance) give the appearance that there was more to JFK's murder than just one kooky Marxist named Oswald acting alone, a reasonable and common-sense-filled "LN" explanation can almost always be arrived at. As Sam Brown did above.

David Von Pein
November 17, 2008