(PART 389)


The original issue is why Oswald lied about owning the rifle. .... The reason could be that Oswald had used that rifle to shoot at General Walker, even if he knew nothing about the Kennedy shooting.


Ah, he attempted a previous political assassination with his rifle, and then someone else committed a political assassination with his rifle from his work?


Excellent observation, Bud (as usual).

The "Anybody But Oswald" conspiracy kooks of the world never, EVER think this logically.

1.) Lee Oswald, via a fake name, received Rifle C2766 in the mail just a matter of days before General Walker was shot at in 1963. We know this for a fact (CTer denials notwithstanding, of course).

2.) That same rifle, 52 minutes after JFK was shot, was found in the building where Oswald worked and where Oswald WAS LOCATED when Kennedy was shot.

3.) That same rifle was later linked to JFK's shooting via the bullets and bullet shells found in THREE different areas (TSBD, limo, and Parkland).

4.) Oswald admitted to his wife that he took a shot at Walker.

5.) Oswald lied to the DPD and FBI about owning a rifle.

All five of the items above are normally mangled or distorted in some way by rabid conspiracists...or they are all merely tossed out the window by the CT-Kooks. ALL FIVE of them!

But those five items--when viewed in tandem with one another--can only lead a reasonable person to one logical conclusion. And it's certainly not a conclusion that includes the two words that many conspiracy theorists love so much -- "Innocent Patsy".

David Von Pein
November 30, 2008