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If Ruby didn't know Oswald, how did he know enough to correct Henry Wade that the group Oswald belonged to was the "Fair Play for Cuba Committee"?


Good Lord, what dopes you kooks are.

By the time of the Midnight Press Conference with Oswald [and later with Wade], the fact that LHO was affiliated with the FPCC had been broadcast numerous times on all of the major TV and radio networks.

In fact, it took me only about three minutes to hunt down and locate proof within my large archive of TV and radio footage that Oswald's connection with the "Fair Play For Cuba Committee" had been broadcast over the air on television only a very short time after Oswald's arrest. Those exact words are uttered by NBC-TV's Frank McGee 49 minutes into this audio file. [And a video version of the NBC excerpt in question can be seen below.]

In that NBC broadcast presented above, McGee mentions the fact that "not a great deal is known about this Oswald", but he then goes on to tell the audience just seconds later that LHO was linked to an organization known as the "Fair Play For Cuba Committee".

NBC-TV aired that info about Oswald and the FPCC at about 4:00 PM CST on November 22nd [5:00 PM EST]. That would have been about 8 or so hours before Ruby saw Oswald and Henry Wade at the DPD that night. And if NBC had that info, you can bet your last dime that all of the other major TV and radio outlets were reporting that same information too.

So Jack Ruby could very easily have heard the words "Fair Play For Cuba Committee" on any number of television and radio stations between midday Friday, November 22 and the Midnight Press Conference several hours later.

Conspiracy theorist Gil Jesus should, of course, have already known this basic information concerning these timeline issues. And perhaps he does know it. But he thinks it's wise to dredge up kooky questions like the one in this thread every now and again--just because, I guess, he's got nothing else to rely on except the potential ignorance of the people that the kook is hoping to reach with his lame-ass inquiries.

I suppose when conspiracists like Gil ask their never-ending series of already thoroughly answered questions, those CTers just hope and pray that somebody won't actually shoot down their nonsense with the raw facts -- like I just provided above.

David Von Pein
November 27, 2008