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Here's DVP on the other group proudly showing off his knowledge of the medical evidence once again:

[Quoting DVP:]

LOL. Gil The Kook thinks that mess of a photo known as "F8" proves a darn thing. It's worthless. Totally worthless. Because you cannot possibly determine what's "in" vs. "out" on that mess of a picture. Naturally, the kooks think that F8 somehow (some way) trumps these 2 [autopsy] pictures, which are pictures that positively prove (in tandem) that JFK did not--and could not--have had a great-big, gaping hole in the back part of his cranium...

[Quote off]

LOL! F8 worthless, totally worthless??????

David, it was only when Larry Sturdivan finally saw a good copy of F8 that he decided the entry was near the EOP. It was only after Dr. Zimmerman examined the original F8 that he became certain the entry was near the EOP.


Good for Larry Sturdivan.
Good for Chad Zimmerman.

I'm happy that they were able to make ANY sense at all out of that mess known as "F8". But I can't.

John, would you prefer that I just start telling lies about a picture that I cannot decipher or interpret properly at all? Should I merely PRETEND that I can tell exactly where the entry and exit holes are in F8? And should I merely PRETEND that F8 is as clear as a bell to me, and that I can distinguish "up" from "down" and "left" from "right" when viewing that photograph?

Is that what I should do, instead of admitting that F8, in my opinion, is a complete and utter mess and useless as evidence with respect to the task of trying to decide where exactly the wounds were located on John F. Kennedy's head?

No, thanks.

Maybe I'm naive, and maybe I'm stupid when it comes to the subject of "F8". But I'm not going to start telling people that I can make 'head or tail' out of F8....because I cannot.

If other people think they've sorted out the imagery seen in the F8 photo....great. I'm happy for them. But to me, it's a photograph that can probably never be used as a definitive piece of physical evidence in the JFK case, because of the built-in difficulties in properly aligning, orienting, and accurately interpreting the things we're seeing in this picture:

I will add this, however -- Since it couldn't be any more obvious, based on other (non-F8) evidence, that JFK was struck in the head by only one bullet from BEHIND....this undeniable fact must mean, of course, that the autopsy photograph designated as "F8" cannot possibly show something that undermines or refutes this "Only One Bullet From Behind Struck JFK's Head" ironclad conclusion. And this is true regardless of whether anyone on the Earth can decipher F8 or not.

David Von Pein
November 24, 2008