(PART 174)


>>> "You called this forum [the now-defunct "JFK Research" forum] "a ghost town." If it is, why are you here??" <<<


Even a ghost town has a passing tumbleweed roll by every now and then.

>>> "You do not have all the bullets. Not even close." <<<

The LN side has all the bullets and fragments that aren't in the "Make-Believe Conspiracy" drawer, that's for sure. Conspiracy theorists like to pretend that additional bullets exist in the case. Unfortunately, a "pretend" bullet doesn't hold much weight with a jury. (Or at least...it shouldn't hold very much weight.)

>>> "There are fragments still in Connally's corpse than are missing from CE 399." <<<

I'm assuming you meant to put the word "more" in your last sentence
(between "are" and "fragments").

Of course, if that's what you meant to say, you couldn't be more
incorrect, because the total amount of bullet fragments that were
buried with Mr. Connally in 1993 wouldn't amount to half-a-grain, and
everybody knows it. Just check Dr. Gregory's detailed WC testimony.

Two related articles HERE and HERE.

>>> "Todd Vaughn [sic] and Jean Davison are long time members [of the "JFK RESEARCH ASSASSINATION FORUM"]." <<<

Oh, really? I didn't realize that. That's two (strong) points in your
Forum Favor, indeed. But have they ever written a post here? Or are
they merely visitors who never post (like I was for five months before
making my first actual post a few days ago)?

Anyway, no matter. I love Jean, though.

>>> "Do you suppose that your reputation didn't precede you here?? But you were allowed in anyway. Now, the ball is in your court." <<<

I'll try not to dribble on your feet, Rich.

>>> "The members of the WC, each of them before they passed, admitted that they didn't believe their own report. So, why do you??" <<<

There's a very good reason for such an "OSWALD SHOT KENNEDY" belief in
the post-WC era. And that very good reason is --- the HSCA.

The HSCA fully agreed with the WC with respect to the number of
bullets that hit any victims in Limo SS-100-X and the HSCA fully
agreed with the WC with respect to the name of the one and only gunman
who fired any bullets that hit any victims on 11/22 -- Lee H. Oswald.

Imagine the coincidence of the WC and the HSCA both getting those
last two facts dead wrong

But you (and many, many other CTers like you) think the Warren Commission
and the HSCA both got it wrong, don't you?

Amazing Governmental incompetence, huh?

>>> "The [Mannlicher-Carcano bullets] purchased by the Marine Corps on behalf of the CIA??" <<<


Plus: "WTF"?

Plus: WTF does the above have to do with Oswald shooting Kennedy on
Elm Street in Dallas in November of 1963? Anything at all? (Didn't think so.)

>>> "There is one data point for Oswald taking a package to work: Buell Wesley Frazier/Linnie Mae Randle." <<<

That's two total "points", isn't it?

Anyway, to believe that anything OTHER than Rifle #C2766 [CE139] was
inside that paper bag that Oswald carried with him on the morning of
November 22nd is to believe in a fairy tale that would rival Aesop's
best effort. More here.

And we know that Oswald didn't take any "lunch" bag to work on 11/22
either. How can we know that for sure? Because Oswald TOLD US so:

"He [LHO] didn't take his lunch because I remember right when I got in the car I asked him where was his lunch and he said he was going to buy his lunch that day." -- Buell Wesley Frazier

>>> "And why would Oswald buy a gun by mail order?" <<<

Shame on Mr. Oswald for not meeting a CTer's expectations of how he
should have obtained the weapon that he used to shoot some people in
Nov. '63.

He should have called you first, Rich, before he mailed in that Klein's
coupon. You could have set him straight.

>>> "As for Bugliosi, I paid 20 cents for his book. I overpaid." <<<

You want me to get you a refund?

>>> "You can tell him [Vince Bugliosi] he can come here and address the issues -- but he wouldn't last a nanosecond, because we don't allow personal attacks." <<<

You want to spoil everybody's fun, don't you Rich? ~sniff~

>>> "One of our best supporters, Jim Fetzer, has issued his smoking guns -- you can start there." <<<

~~LOL Break~~ Already done that (here).

And after looking over Mr. Fetzer's pathetic (and desperate) list of
"Smokers", I get the distinct feeling that something stronger than
just gunsmoke was being inhaled by Jim "The Zapruder Film Has Been
Wholly Fabricated" Fetzer when he authored his inane list of 16 items.

>>> "Let's see the old LN rant: LHO did it because he wanted the fame -- but, from the first moment he went in front of national TV cameras, he proclaimed he didn't do it!" <<<

And you think that Oswald DIDN'T get any fame by saying he didn't kill

Think again. His denials got him all the fame he desired....just as if
he had said "I did it". He knew he left a popcorn trail a mile long
leading back to him. He obviously knew that. He HAD to have known

In fact, I've postulated recently that it's quite possible that Oswald
deliberately left such a trail for the cops (multiplied by two murders
too, including the trail of four bullet shells on 10th St. that obviously
lead straight back into the gun that Oswald failed to ditch after murdering
a policeman with it).

So he knew that that popcorn trail would convict him, regardless of what
he himself said. As to WHY he would intentionally leave such a lengthy
trail of "Oswald Was Here" evidence for the authorities to find afterward,
while ALSO denying all guilt....I cannot say.

Maybe I'll try to dig up Oswald and ask him to explain his oddball
behavior that he exhibited on November 22, 1963. (Think he'll be nice
enough to tell me the truth?)

In any event, in the final analysis of Oswald's actions and behavior
in wake of the events in Dallas that day, double-murderer Lee Harvey
Oswald most certainly achieved any "fame" he may have been seeking by
merely remaining silent and lying his worthless ass off.

Oswald also seemed to enjoy keeping secrets. And I think he also loved
the little game he was playing with the cops and the FBI after he was

To quote Oswald himself: "Well, you're the cops--YOU figure it out!"

>>> "LHO shot JFK with surgical precision as he was a moving target traveling away from him..." <<<

And yet LHO missed the actual target (JFK's head) two times out of three
shots. So, your "surgical precision" really equates to only a .333 average.
That average, of course, is very good in baseball, but it's not really so hot
when we're talking about Presidential assassinations.

>>> "...But when he [Oswald] supposedly shot at General Walker sitting
in his stationary dining room with all the time he wished to aim, he missed!" <<<

The bullet hit something before it reached General Walker's body, of
course. The window sill. You know that, of course. And you also no
doubt know that the window-sill ledge (latticework) that the bullet
struck before entering Walker's home was said to be virtually invisible
from the gunman's (Oswald's) POV, due to the lighting in the room
where Walker was sitting.

But there was no window sill between the barrel of Oswald's Mannlicher-
Carcano and JFK's body on 11/22/63. There was an oak tree that
partially blocked LHO's view for a few seconds, yes.

And that tree, IMO, is the reason that the first shot (at about Z-Film
frame 160) ended up totally missing JFK and the limousine.

BTW, I love the insertion of the word "supposedly" in Rich DellaRosa's
last comment above. I guess you (Rich) think Marina was just one of
the many liars and cover-uppers who got together to paint Saint Ozzie
as the "patsy" who fired a shot at Walker in April '63, huh?

How long is your list of "plotters" and "cover-uppers", btw? (Can you
keep it under 1,000? I doubt it.)

David Von Pein
March 2008