(PART 175)


>>> "I will not address the above point-by-point, because if you
really believe what you wrote your cognitive faculties are most likely impaired." <<<


Yeah, why believe the ACTUAL EVIDENCE ON THE TABLE, when I could crawl
into bed with the likes of Mr. Fetzer and Mr. Lifton and believe stupid shit?

Right, Rich?

>>> "None of the WC actually believed those things and stated so." <<<

You're WAY overstating things here. There's no way that ALL SEVEN of
the Warren Commissioners went on record as having totally disbelieved
their own final "LN/LHO" conclusions.

Anyone believing that was the case probably possesses "cognitive
faculties" that "are most likely impaired".

>>> "As for the Bug [Vincent T. Bugliosi], if his research could stand on its own merit, he would not need to resort to ad hominem attacks." <<<

But the "ad homs" are so much fun (and deserved). I love 'em. :)

>>> "They do not enhance his position IMO." <<<

They definitely enhance his position. Why in the world shouldn't a
"zany" be called a "zany"?

It's odd that people who side with the likes of Fetzer and Lifton and
Armstrong and Waldron actually seem to think that their crazy notions
are worthy of NOT being ridiculed.

Curious indeed.

>>> "Fortunately [Bugliosi's] book will not likely make back what it cost to produce it." <<<

And I think even Bugs knows this is probably true.

>>> "And his million dollar promotion tour is out of gas." <<<


Well, sure it is. His book tour and radio tour was pretty much over in
June/July 2007. (Except for a few later appearances.)

But, thanks to me, you can re-live almost all of Vince's radio appearances
regarding "Reclaiming History", including the SBT debate he had with Wecht
on June 14th, 2007. And I won't even charge you anything to access my
online files either (although donations via VISA or personal check are
welcome; after all, I can't be expected to work as a CIA/VB Disinfo Agent
for free, 24/7, can I?): ;)

>>> "The last Roper poll showed that nearly 90% of the American public believe there was a conspiracy to kill JFK." <<<

A virtually meaningless stat, seeing as how probably 90% of that 90%
more-than-likely don't even know who J.D. Tippit is.

But keep plugging those polls. It can't HURT your make-believe case
for conspiracy anyway.

David Von Pein
March 2008