(PART 167)


The paper bag (with Lee Oswald's two prints on it) was positively
found in the Sniper's Nest. Lt. Day's and Bob Studebaker's
corroborating testimony verifies that fact.

What's the reason for why more officers said they didn't see the bag in
the corner of the SN (when we KNOW it was there, per Day/Studebaker)???
I can't say. They just didn't notice it. That's all.

But I'd rather believe the "ordinary" explanation of....

The bag was definitely found in the Nest, but some of the officers
(for some reason[s]) just didn't notice the empty bag in the Nest.

....Instead of believing the "extraordinary" explanation of....

There was no bag in the Nest at all following the shooting and the
cops planted (or faked) the bag, and then Day, Studebaker, and
Montgomery got together and decided to tell a bunch of lies about the
bag. And: The cops somehow managed to plant Oswald's 2 prints on the
fake bag too.

I ask any reasonable person:

Which of the above two scenarios is the most logical, believable, and
"reasonable" to believe?


>>> "What is inside the bag as Montgomery is carrying it quite oddly and it is erect. An empty bag that had been folded shouldn't stand up like this if empty. Why did he NOT leave it folded when transporting it out of the TSBD?" <<<


Goodie! A CTer is looking at stuff sideways again and thinks something
is fishy. What's new? It's yet another "Why Didn't He Do It This Way
Instead Of This Way?" CT moment.

And SHAME on L.D. Montgomery for carrying the bag in a manner that
doesn't meet a kook's rigid standards!

>>> "Was something smuggled out of the TSBD in this bag?" <<<

And you think that Montgomery was "smuggling" something conspiratorial
out of the TSBD in the bag, in FULL VIEW OF THE CAMERAS that were
filming him doing this?? Is that your theory?

Was Montgomery just careless? Or maybe he just didn't give a shit who
photographed him (up close!) as he "smuggled" stuff out of the
building, huh?


>>> "Was something smuggled out of the TSBD in this bag?" <<<

Probably Oswald's curtain rods.


Maybe it was Oswald's lunch being smuggled out by Montgomery (you
know, the lunch that Oswald told Wesley Frazier he DIDN'T take to work on
November 22).

>>> "We know the M-C [Mannlicher-Carcano] has already been taken out by Lt. Day; could the famous "Mauser" be in this bag?" <<<

There was no Mauser (of course).

But if I were a conspiracy kook like you, I'd still vote for the curtain rods
being in the bag.

Go for it.

>>> "What about that package found on 12/4/63 in the post office?" <<<

Where do you want to go with this "mystery package"? Down
"Conspiracy Avenue" I'll bet, right?

>>> "It was addressed to LHO and was in the dead-letter section of the Irving Post Office. According to an FBI report (CD 205), the package was addressed to Oswald at 601 W. Nassaus Street in Dallas, a non-existent address. The package contained a "brown paper bag made of fairly heavy brown paper which bag was open at both ends," which was approximately 18" in length. Hmm." <<<

Don't just stop at "Hmm", Robby. Tell us your theory regarding this
mystery bag. Who sent it to Oswald (at a "non-existent" address)?

Was a member of the huge "Let's Frame Oswald" team trying to make it
look like "Oswald Alone" killed the President by mailing him some
brown paper two weeks after the assassination occurred?

And how was Oswald supposed to get this package if somebody mailed it
to a "non-existent" address?

Or: Did Oswald mail the brown bag to HIMSELF for some reason (and sent
it to an address that never existed)?

Where do we go with this shit? Where? I'm just curious to know.

David Von Pein
March 2008