(PART 173)


>>> "The principal post here was my [post on March 7, 2008, when I said] "Bonnie Ray Williams Fires from the Second Window from the End"." <<<


Oh, yeah. Make sure you highlight that PROVEN-TRUE bombshell of an accusation one more time. That'll do your credibility a whole lot of good.

Donald, tell me: Why do you want to put a rifle in the hands of two completely innocent young men named Bonnie Ray Williams and Danny Garcia Arce?

Just....why? Is it in order to be different from all the other conspiracy-seeking people of the Earth?

>>> "I love it when you bring up those shells, which Fritz said he didn't touch." <<<

Even if he did touch the shells, how would that make those same shells CEASE BEING SHELLS FROM LEE OSWALD'S RIFLE?

>>> "Arce could not account for his whereabouts..." <<<

Nor does he really need to (given the evidence that indicates he had nothing to do with the shooting in Dealey Plaza).

>>> "...And he [Arce] was with Williams both before and after 12:30." <<<

Great "tie-in" to a plot there, Don. They were seen together in their workplace at certain times on the day the President is killed (but they weren't "together" exactly at 12:30, btw), so this somehow means that Arce and Williams are to be considered the actual killers of JFK. Is that correct, Donald?

Via this logic, I think I could make a pretty fair case for Bill Shelley and Roy Truly being the actual snipers. After all, didn't Truly have one or more guns in his office a few days before the assassination? And surely we have some witnesses who could put those two Depository bosses "together" at certain times both before and after 12:30 PM on 11/22/63....right?

I'd look into that Shelley/Truly teaming if I were you, Donald.

>>> "Yes, when your Homicide Captain tampers with it [all the "CT" evidence in the case, which miraculously disappeared off the face of the globe immediately after the assassination]!" <<<

Yeah, sure Don. And then Captain Fritz makes sure he has a cameraman (Tom Alyea) up on the sixth floor FILMING HIS EVERY MOVE (including, per you kooks, the act of Fritz--one of the main "plotters"/"cover-uppers"--physically picking up the shells for NEFARIOUS, EVIL, AND UNDERHANDED PURPOSES!

You'd think that after 31 years as the Homicide Captain in Dallas that Fritz would have been more careful when he went around framing innocent patsies for Presidential murders in broad daylight.

But, instead of throwing Tom Alyea out of the building (or at the very least, make the guy STOP FILMING THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY that you kooks think was occurring on that sixth floor that day), Fritz allows Alyea to not only stay at the crime scene, but he allows him to continue to film all of this covert shell-handling activity that conspiracy theorists think was happening in the TSBD.

Go figure the idiocy of that "Fritz Conspiratorial Mindset".

But, back in reality, since reasonable people know beyond a reasonable doubt that no such covert shell-planting activity was occurring on the sixth floor of the Book Depository on Nov. 22nd, it means that Fritz had NOTHING TO HIDE from Alyea's probing camera lens.

IOW -- Innocent people don't have to worry about covering their tracks....because there are no tracks (of conspiracy) to cover. Period.

>>> "Arce & Williams turn up at the Elm St. building about the same time as Oswald. Don't think any of the 3 is innocent." <<<

Then why stop with just that trio of plotters, Don? You surely don't want to leave Wesley Frazier out of your make-believe assassination plot, do you?

Frazier's start date at the Depository, in fact, more closely matches Williams' and Arce's than it does Oswald's.

Here are the TSBD starting dates for these employees (mainly via Warren Commission records/testimony):

Arce -- September 6, 1963.

Williams -- September 8, 1963.

Frazier -- September 1963.

Oswald -- October 16, 1963.

Yep....Frazier's GOT to be a conspirator too (based on the above work timetable).

I'd look into that if I were a kook...er...um...I mean if I were you, Don.

>>> "Hello to David on the moon!" <<<

How could I possibly be on the lunar surface? Astronauts never really did land on the moon at all....did they Don? That was all a ruse too, wasn't it?

It was probably the result of some kind of NASA plot devised by Captain Fritz, Bonnie Ray Williams, and Danny Arce. After all, we can always blame those three guys for any kind of crazy plot a kook dreams up. Right, Don?

I'd look into that angle if I were you.

In the meantime, for a little CS&L [Common Sense & Logic], try this.

David Von Pein
March 2008