(PART 172)


>>> "Dr. Burkley wouldn't have to do a measurement himself because Dr. Boswell was there and provided the location dot quite nicely on the third thoracic, then later (when Dr. Burkley was gone) added the infamous margin notations (in ink rather than previously used pencil marks!) locating the third thoracic dot as really at the base of the neck." <<<


Oh goodie! A conspiracy-happy kook is gonna start makin' up stuff from whole cloth (again)! I love it when a kook does this, over and over again!

So, let's examine the "Face Sheet" stuff from the CT-Kook's (that's [Dean] Jackson, btw) POV ---

Boswell drew in his little "dot" on the Face Sheet (not to scale, of course, as he admitted; it was merely an estimate on a piece of paper with a kind of stick-figure of a man on it; it merely was an approximated location for the wound, and it's not that far off either)....

And then, after Burkley saw the "dot" on the chart and left the room, Boswell decided to write in the "14cm. from tip of rt. mastoid" measurement in the margins of the Face Sheet, in order to fool some people later on.

Is that right, Mister Kook (Dean Jackson)?

So, even though Boswell could have merely TORN UP AND DESTROYED THE ORIGINAL FACE SHEET and made out a whole new sheet depicting a higher dot on the chart, in addition to the matching "14 cm." measurements, Boswell decides, instead, to write some FALSE, FAKE measurement into the margins of the Face Sheet that conflicts with the location of the "dot" on the SAME Face Sheet.

Is that about the size of your stupid argument, Mr. Kook (Jackson)?

>>> "There is no logical explanation to the Secret Service slowing down their cars as three [sic] bullets were fired, and the Secret Service agents
in the chase car just looking at JFK as JFK struggles with his neck wound!" <<<

Oh goodie! A conspiracy-giddy kook is going to tell us how the Secret Service wanted to shoot themselves in the feet (and heart) by plotting the murder of the man they were sworn to protect with their own lives....and thus, via such an idiotic plot to murder the President, they would probably be putting THEMSELVES out of a job, and, in addition, they would certainly be giving themselves and the entire U.S. Secret Service a permanent black eye that could never be removed (seeing as how they would be looked upon as being lax for having just merely sat on their hands and permitted the President to be killed on their watch).

Great Secret Service plan! (If you're an idiot, that is.)

(Can anybody now NOT see how easy it is to tear to pieces the idiotic ramblings of a conspiracy-thirsty kook?)

David Von Pein
March 2008