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>>> "It would be interesting if the Bugliosi Fan Club President could explain why Bugliosi refused to deal with the 16 smoking guns, despite clearly knowing about them." <<<


I think I summed things up pretty well in August 2007 with respect to
this stupid "Smoking Guns" topic:

"There is no possible (human) way that two kooks (David G. Healy and Benjamin Holmes) can be this stupid. Not possible. Just because the "16 guns" aren't dealt with in a separate "16 Guns" chapter, these kooks seem to think Vincent Bugliosi has not "dealt" with ANY of them in any portion of his book. But, of course, Vince has. Every one. Without a shred of a doubt. I've read the entire book, and all of Fetzer's nonsense is dealt with in "RH" (with appropriate source notes, among the 10,000+ such citations)." -- DVP; 08/22/2007


To repeat:

Vincent Bugliosi, throughout his book ("Reclaiming History"), has dealt with all of Fetzer's lame-ass so-called "Smoking Guns". And Ben's poking his kooky head through the fence every month or so to claim that VB "refused to deal" with these issues won't make Ben's claims any truer, of course.

But Ben, being the "Anybody But Oswald" type of conspiracist and occasional liar that we all know he is, will continue to state that Vince hasn't addressed a single one of the conspiracy-tinged issues brought up by Fetzer.

Go figure.

(I wonder why Ben can't read? For if he could, he'd know that his statements about VB are patently false.)

>>> "Lying and saying that he did, with no ability to cite *WHERE*, won't convince anyone." <<<

If a kook named Benjamin would just open "Reclaiming History" and READ
some of it, instead of griping about what he THINKS isn't in it (but really
is in it), maybe he'd be able to find the passages within VB's book that
amply destroy Fetzer's "16 Smokers".

BTW, many of those "Guns" are just downright stupid and hilarious, and
can be easily demolished via just ordinary common sense and a
rudimentary knowledge of the case. Such as these nine idiotic "Guns"
of Fetzer's:

>>> "Smoking Gun #3: The weapon, which was not even a rifle, could not have fired the bullets that killed the president." <<<

"Not even a rifle"??? I guess perhaps JFK was killed by a bow-and-arrow
instead, huh? Or maybe a "slinky"? Those things are deadly when well-aimed,
I understand.

>>> "Smoking Gun #4: The bullets, which were standard copper-jacketed World War II-vintage military ammunition, could not have caused the explosive damage." <<<

The above bullshit was proven 100% wrong by [Alfred G.] Olivier's Army tests
for the Warren Commission, and by [Dr. John K.] Lattimer's tests later on.

ARLEN SPECTER -- "I now hand you a photograph marked as Commission Exhibit 861, move its admission into evidence, and ask you to state what that depicts."

DR. ALFRED G. OLIVIER -- "This is the [test] skull in question, the same one from which the fragments marked Exhibit 857 were recovered."

[CE857 and CE861.]

SPECTER -- "And what does that show as to damage done to the skull?"

OLIVIER -- "It blew the whole side of the cranial cavity away."

SPECTER -- "How does that compare, then, with the damage inflicted on President Kennedy?"

OLIVIER -- "Very similar. I think they stated the length of the defect, the missing skull was 13 centimeters if I remember correctly. .... In this [test] case, it is greater, but you don't have the limiting scalp holding the pieces in, so you would expect it to fly a little more; but it is essentially a similar type wound."

SPECTER -- "Does the human scalp work to hold in the human skull in such circumstances to a greater extent than the simulated matters used?"

OLIVIER -- "Yes; we take this into account." ....

SPECTER -- "Did you formulate any other conclusions or opinions based on the tests on firing at the skull?"

OLIVIER -- "We found that this bullet...could make the type of wound that the President received. Also, that the recovered fragments were very similar to the ones recovered on the front seat and on the floor of the car. This, to me, indicates that those fragments did come from the bullet that wounded the President in the head."



So, as we can see via the above two "Smoking" examples, Fetzer is
loading his "Smoking Guns" with nothing but blanks (and outright
lies), it would appear. The lengths to which CT-Kooks like Fetzer (et
al) will go in order to prop up their make-believe conspiracies and
"cover-ups" is just fascinating to watch. Despicable, but fascinating.

>>> "Smoking Gun #5: The axis of metallic debris is inconsistent with a shot from behind, but consistent with a shot that entered the area of the right temple." <<<

100% wrong (yet again). The metallic fragments in JFK's head were
positively confined to the RIGHT hemisphere of the head. Fetzer is nuts.

>>> "Smoking Gun #7: These eyewitness reports were rejected on the basis of the x-rays, which have been fabricated in at least two different ways." <<<

Dead wrong, yet again.

Of course, Fetzer now has to believe that not only was the WC full of
rotten liars and cover-uppers (in addition to the autopsy doctors
being outright liars too), but Fetzer must also believe that a separate
batch of MANY different people comprising the HSCA's photographic
panel were ALSO liars and cover-up agents. Because the HSCA said
this about the X-rays of President Kennedy:

"The committee...subject[ed] the autopsy photographs and X-rays to scientific analysis. These examinations by the committee's consultants established the inaccuracy of the Parkland observations. The experts concluded that the autopsy photographs and X-rays were authentic and unaltered, confirming the observations of the autopsy personnel and providing additional support for the conclusions of the medical consultants." -- HSCA Report; Volume VII

All lies, right Mr. Fetzer?

>>> "Smoking Gun #8: Diagrams and photos of a brain in the National Archives are of the brain of someone other than JFK." <<<

This "Gun" was put in here by Fetzer probably just for the huge laugh
it elicits whenever it is read by a reasonable (non-kooky) person.

The "second brain" nonsense is a theory that's so incredibly stupid,
only a complete moron could begin to believe it. But Jim Fetzer and
Doug Horne are on board, complete with a "fake" brain that's WAY TOO
BIG to be JFK's real brain!

Great plot there. Once more, this intricate "Cover-Up The Truth" plot
that is imagined by people like Fetzer and Horne (and many other
kooks) was apparently being carried out by people with a combined IQ
in single digits.

>>> "Smoking Gun #10: The Zapruder film, among others, has been extensively edited using highly-sophisticated techniques." <<<

Great. A kook thinks something has been "faked" and/or "extensively
edited". What a shocker.

But the moron plotters (who, in this "Z-Film" instance, have a group
IQ of "2") decided it was wise to LEAVE THE REAR HEAD SNAP IN THE

Go figure. (And then go laugh your head off, because Fetzer's idiocy
is calling for it.)

>>> "Smoking Gun #11: The official conclusion contradicts widely-broadcasted reports on radio and television about two shots fired from the front." <<<

And Fetzer uses the very early, confused reports about the shooting to
try and load this particular "Gun" with something other than his usual
blank cartridges. But he fails, as usual.

The witnesses who stated that JFK was shot in the "temple" were
obviously referring to the location where they saw the largest amount
of blood on Kennedy's head--which was, of course, at the "right temple"
of the head.

But to think that the witnesses, who couldn't possibly have been able
to discern any "entry" holes on Kennedy's body in those fleeting
seconds when they observed the President being shot, could have had
the slightest idea where exactly the inshoot and outshoot holes on
JFK's body were located is just....dumb.

But common sense never stopped a good conspiracy-flavored batch of
nonsense, right Mr. Fetzer?

>>> "Smoking Gun #12: The (fabricated) X-rays, (altered) autopsy photographs, and even the (edited) Zapruder film were improperly used to discredit eyewitness reports." <<<

Here we have a kook in all his make-believe "faked" glory, with lots of
references to stuff that's been "fabricated", "altered", and "edited". Lovely.

Is ANYthing in this case UNaltered per the kooks (except for perhaps
the testimony of pro-conspiracy witnesses like Jean Hill, Ed Hoffman,
and Skinny Holland, et al)? Doubtful, huh?

>>> "Smoking Gun #13: The motorcade route was changed at the last minute and yet the assassination occurred on the part that had been changed." <<<

Total bullshit (as per the James H. Fetzer norm). If the motorcade
route was "changed at the last minute", then Fetzer has to believe
that it was "changed" TWICE after November 18, 1963, with the latter
of those two changes perfectly mirroring the exact motorcade route
that the two Dallas newspapers had already reported on Tuesday,
November 19th. [MORE]


All of Jim Fetzer's "Smoking Guns" insanity can be seen (and
laughed at) HERE.

[And the remaining "Smoking Guns" that are not discussed in this post are discussed at THIS WEBPAGE.]


And, as previously stated, every single one of Mr. Fetzer's "16 Guns"
is tackled at some point in Vincent Bugliosi's 2007 JFK book, too.

But, for some reason, Ben Holmes thinks that he can just utter a nice,
neat blanket statement like: "None of the 16 Smoking Guns are refuted
by Bugliosi", and then Ben thinks he's off the hook.

Well, Ben isn't off the hook that easily, because Vince has debunked
all of Fetzer's silliness within the many chapters of "Reclaiming History",
whether Ben wants to believe they've been addressed by Bugliosi or not.

David Von Pein
December 2007