(PART 84)


>>> "To David VP: Your recent two-part post was well put together,
but there was one remark that I want to correct you on. The Parkland doctors DID NOT "just" think there was a large wound in the BOH
[Back Of Head]...many reported that the wound was both occipital
and parietal." <<<


And yet not a single witness (that I'm aware of) placed the wound in
BOTH the rear and the right-front. Almost every witness placed the
head wound back here (illustrated below):

That's very odd, indeed, if the RIGHT-TOP-FRONT area of the head was
also severely affected, which we KNOW it was, because that's the exact
area on JFK's head (the right-front) where Oswald's bullet positively
exited President Kennedy's head.

Which, in my opinion, makes the "Jackie Possibly Closed Up The Exit
Wound, Masking Its Presence From The Parkland Personnel"
theory more

I'm still not wildly enthusiastic about that "Jackie Closed The Wound"
theory myself -- because it's hard to believe she could have done THAT
good a job of completely hiding that large oozing wound in the right-front
portion of her husband's head from the view of so many different people
at Parkland Hospital.

But I think that the "Jackie" theory makes a heck of a lot more sense than
most of the conspiracy theories I've heard over the years with respect to
the back-of-the-head discrepancies.

And we have this from Vince Bugliosi too (you didn't expect to get through
a whole DVP post without a Vince citing, did you?) ;) .....

"On the issue of the locus of the head exit wound, perhaps the most overlooked piece of medical and scientific evidence in books on the assassination that proves the exit wound was in the right front of the president's head is the fact that of the three fragments of the skull found inside the presidential limousine, the HSCA forensic pathology panel said that autopsy X-rays show that the largest one, triangular in shape, contained "a portion of the right coronal suture." [i.e.:]...The juncture between the parietal (side and top) and frontal bone.

"Although the bullet fragmented upon striking bone in the president's head, the HSCA concluded that the main part of the bullet literally exited along the coronal suture line to the right front of the president's head.

"Dr. Michael Baden told me, "The autopsy photographs clearly show that the semicircular defect was half of a bullet wound with an exit beveling, and this caused most of the damage to Kennedy's parietal and frontal bones" (Telephone interview of Dr. Michael Baden by [Vincent Bugliosi] on January 8, 2000). ....

"The fact that the largest fragment found of the president's skull was along the coronal suture, that this triangular fragment was one of three that, in the aggregate, lined up, on reconstruction, with the large defect to the right front of the president's skull, and that this large fragment of bone was beveled on its outer surface, rather than its inner surface, provide conclusive evidence of an exiting bullet to the right front of the president's head."
-- Vincent T. Bugliosi; Pages 235-236 of the CD's Endnotes in "Reclaiming History: The Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy" (c.2007)

>>> "Furthermore, I would have appreciated your take (and VB's) more if you had added not only the fact that 10 doctors and other eyewitnesses, including TWO neurosurgeons, not to mention Humes in his WC testimony, saw CEREBELLUM tissue exuding from the large defect, but also the fact that it would have been virtually impossible to see cerebellum exuding from a wound that was limited in its area to the top/right/front of his head." <<<

No cerebellum was seen by anybody. In fact, via Doctor Boswell's
1996 words on this subject (reprinted below), it would have been
literally impossible for any cerebellum to have spilled out onto that
stretcher at Parkland (or at Bethesda) on 11/22/63.

The "I Saw Cerebellum" comments made by the various witnesses are yet
additional errors in a series of innocent observational errors made by the
doctors. And some of the doctors who initially said they thought they saw
cerebellum have since reversed themselves on that issue (Pepper Jenkins
and Paul Peters on the 1988 NOVA program, to name two).

And Dr. Boswell's testimony below provides the (virtual) proof that no
cerebellum was extruding from JFK's head, either at Parkland Hospital
or on the autopsy table at Bethesda. (And we all know that Mr. Canal
thinks Dr. Boswell's ARRB remarks are very, very solid and worthy of
accepting.) ;)

And in this particular instance, since there's not a sign of ambiguity
at all in this testimony, unlike Boswell's remarks concerning the BOH
situation, I'm inclined to accept this as the final "Cerebellum" word:

DR. BOSWELL (1996; ARRB Testimony) -- "In Dallas, they had said that the cerebellum was the part of the brain that was injured and exuding. But they were wrong because the cerebellum is enclosed in a dural sort of compartment, and in order to get the cerebellum out, you have to cut the dura around, and then you--that's the only hard part about getting the brain out. And the manner in which we were doing it, both the cerebral hemispheres were already exposed without dura, and it was really very simple to take out."

QUESTION -- "During the course of the autopsy, did you have an opportunity to examine the cerebellum?"

BOSWELL -- "Yes."

QUESTION -- "And was there any damage to the cerebellum that you noticed during the time of the autopsy?"

BOSWELL -- "No."

QUESTION -- "So both the right and left hemisphere of the cerebellum were intact?"

BOSWELL -- "Yes."


David Von Pein
December 2007