(PART 81)


>>> "Finally the Warren Commission finds something inadmissible because its origins "cannot be traced to the victim"." <<<


But the example Bud gave is probably not the same as the situation
that exists to irrevocably tie Bullet CE399 to John Connally and the
JFK assassination. (Although, I'll admit, I didn't study the link he
provided in depth; perhaps the details of that gunshot-victim case are
explained in the link.)

But my guess is that the bullet in Bud's example was probably never
traced to a particular weapon (probably because the weapon was never
found after the shooting incident, which is very common, of course). I
could be wrong, but if I am wrong about that, then it seems silly to
say that a bullet tied to a particular gun "cannot be traced to the victim"
(assuming, that is, that the weapon it was traced to was connected to
the gunman, which also assumes that the gunman was caught too; lots
of gaps to fill in regarding that case that Bud brought up).

But in the JFK case, CE399 can positively be "traced to the victim" (via
just common sense, if nothing else). But there's so much more beyond
just that "CS" factor as well. Such as:

1.) CE399 is positively a bullet from Lee Harvey Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano
rifle (serial number C2766).

2.) Oswald's C2766 rifle was positively used to fire bullets at President
Kennedy's car on 11/22/63. Bullet fragments from LHO's rifle found in
the limousine itself (CE567 and CE569) prove this fact conclusively and
beyond all possible doubt.

3.) Oswald's C2766 rifle was found in the Book Depository 52 minutes
after the shooting.

4.) CE399 was found inside the same hospital where shooting victims
Kennedy and Connally were taken.

5.) John Connally was shot in the upper back by one bullet.

6.) No whole bullets (and very, very few bullet fragments) were found
in Connally's body at Parkland Hospital.

7.) John Connally's stretcher was positively one of the two stretchers
that was located in the hallway at Parkland Hospital when CE399 was
found by Darrell Tomlinson sometime between 1:00 PM and 1:45 PM CST
(approx.) on November 22nd.

8.) The non-Connally stretcher in the hallway belonged to Parkland
patient Ronnie Fuller, who was definitely NOT SHOT BY ONE OF LEE

9.) JFK's stretcher was never in the area of Parkland Hospital where
the bullet was found by Tomlinson.

10.) JFK himself was never physically located in the area of Parkland
Hospital where the bullet was found by Tomlinson.


Adding up #1 through #10 above = Bullet CE399, although not plucked
directly from the body of John Bowden Connally Jr. on Friday, November
the 22nd, 1963, can be "traced to the victim" (JBC) via ample amounts
of physical circumstantial evidence that ties Oswald's bullet (CE399)
to at least one of LHO's two victims (Governor Connally) beyond a
reasonable doubt.

David Von Pein
December 2007