(PART 93)


>>> "Explain Jackie's comments about this incident and the fact that she did crawl out onto the trunk lid. I want you to repeat the comment about her being a coward for all to read." <<<


When did I ever call Jackie a "coward", Mr. Mega-Kook?

Jacqueline Kennedy was far from being a coward. She is (was) a woman
I hold in the highest of regards. She had more courage and strength in
November 1963 than 10,000 other people put together. She was incredible.

But in that car at 12:30, she obviously was in a panicked state....and
she was trying to get the hell out of the way of the falling, bloody
body in the back seat. It was a perfectly natural reaction to climb up
on that trunk. Mainly because there was NOPLACE ELSE SHE COULD HAVE
GONE. She had no other immediate "escape" hatch (except, of course,
for the heretofore-unknown "secret compartment" in the back of the
limo, per Brian Andersen; but maybe even Jackie didn't know about this
"compartment"; anyway, it was already occupied with JFK's "double",

But, in the final analysis, Jackie's trunk excursion is a lot to-do about
absolutely nothing. It means nothing. It solves nothing. It's a complete
non-issue, and always was. It's only meaningful to a conspiracy-thirsty
kook. So....drink up.

>>> "So before the "Urologist's" test we had the Veterinarian run test on skulls for us. This is the respect a dead president gets." <<<

What DIFFERENCE does it make WHO conducted the tests?? Those tests
(with HUMAN SKULLS, not only "melons") verified that a skull will travel
TOWARD THE SHOOTER after being struck with a Mannlicher-Carcano bullet.

Why does it matter WHO did the shooting in these tests? It could have
been Jerry Lewis or Shirley Temple or Beaver Cleaver who fired those
test shots...point is: the test skulls DID travel toward the shooter.

And, as I pointed out to you previously (but you will ignore this
powerful evidence just because you don't like the profession the
gunman who did the tests was in), every single one of Dr. Lattimer's
test skulls moved TOWARD THE GUNMAN. Every one.

"I wish to re-emphasize that none of our test objects in these experiments with melons and skulls ever jumped or fell off the stand AWAY from the shooter." -- John K. Lattimer; Page 251 of "Kennedy And Lincoln"

But, since Lattimer wasn't an "official ballistics expert", it means his
FILMED TESTS are to be tossed in the trash by kooks like Dr. Caprio.

Right, Super-Kook?

You can watch (and totally ignore or skew) one of Lattimer's tests HERE.
The skull moves toward the shooter.

>>> "It is easier to explain a duplicate/faked X-ray than to explain the Nix film, Z-film, Jackie, Dr. Jenkins, all the doctors/nurses at Parkland, the mortician, the embalmer, the men who photographed and X-rayed JFK, the attendants who put JFK in the casket at Parkland, Hill, Kellerman and the Chief Pathologist at Methodist are all wrong." <<<

No, not really. But you, embracing the nutty "Anybody But Oswald" scenario
that you seemingly love so much, cannot see how your argument above is
patently weak from a bona fide scientific standpoint. And that's because
you can't just merely say the X-ray shown below is "fake".

You've got to travel deeper into CT-ville and now contend that all of the
various photographic experts who looked at that X-ray after 11/22/63
and deemed it an "unaltered" non-faked X-ray picture of John F. Kennedy's
head are also liars (or that they all were totally incompetent when it came
to their skills at determining whether a particular image is "unaltered" or not).

You REALLY want to travel that far down Conspiracy Avenue, Robert?

* = Silly question. Of course you want to travel that far down that
road. Because if you kooks were to actually admit that the above X-ray
of the right side of President Kennedy's head is real and authentic
and not faked in any way (which is the case, of course, per every
expert who looked at the X-ray for the HSCA)....you would then have to
admit the obvious -- which is: JFK did not have a great-big hole at
the far-right-rear portion of his head on November 22, 1963.

And what CT-Kook worth his salary would EVER want to admit to the
accuracy of that last sentence...I ask you?

>>> "Melons? Like melons act the same as a head attached to a human, please." <<<

It's my opinion that it's even MORE impressive and definitive to see a
NON-TETHERED object (melon or human skull) move toward the gunman
after being shot.


Because an object that isn't attached to a "neck" is probably going to
be even MORE LIKELY to move AWAY from the shooter when shot with a
high-speed bullet. Stands to reason, IMO.

But what happened in those many tests to UNTETHERED objects? They all
moved BACKWARD, toward the shooter, even though none of them was
attached to anything (like a human neck) that would have further
prohibited their FORWARD motion AWAY from the shooter.

So, the fact that none of these test skulls and melons were "attached"
to anything at all...and the fact that they STILL traveled toward the
shooter is even BETTER for the overall "Lone Assassin" position, in my view.

And no, I'm not a "ballistics expert" in this departmart...not even a
urologist or a vet. It's just a garden-variety observation on DVP's part,
coupled with what I think is just ordinary common sense as well.

>>> "To boot we throw in a Urologist to do the testing. Real sound stuff there. Penn & Teller, please." <<<

Yeah....Wyatt Earp and John Wayne would have been much better choices
to perform those skull and melon tests. Because I'm sure that a skull hit
from behind by "The Duke" would have acted MUCH differently than one that
was hit by just some worthless/useless "urologist". Right, Mr. Mega-Kook?

David Von Pein
December 17, 2007