(PART 80)


>>> "A bullet that had hit the street first and ricocheted UPWARD into JFK's back could have certainly "fallen" out of his back during heart massage at Parkland." <<<


The BBT ("Bouncing Bullet Theory")!

Yippee! Another crackpot hunk of anti-SBT lunacy from a kook!

So, Gil's now got a bullet bouncing off of the Elm pavement and then going on to hit, by pure coincidence, THE VERY SAME PERSON FOR WHOM THE BULLET WAS INTENDED (John F. Kennedy).

The above nuttiness is similar in nature to Jim Bishop's theory that has JFK being peppered in the face with grains of concrete and/or bullet fragments. Bishop has the concrete spraying ONLY the intended victim himself--a remarkable occurrence/coincidence indeed, as nobody else in the limo is "sprayed" by a single granule of the "concrete/bullet shower".

And then Gil's got a separate bullet, of course, entering JFK's neck from the front, and never exiting, with that bullet magically disappearing (as per all unwanted, unseen non-Oswald bullets in the case, naturally).

So, via the Bouncing Bullet Theory and the Disappearing Throat Bullet Theory, Gil ends up with a remarkable-looking wound pattern to make the Warren Commission's Single-Bullet Theory a feasible option after the assassination.

Again, just incredible luck for those multiple shooters in Dealey Plaza who need ONLY Lee Harvey Oswald fingered for a shooting that is evidently being attempted by a group of idiots who decided to forge ahead with a multi-shooter assassination attempt, despite having just ONE single patsy at their disposal in the Book Depository.

Go figure that moronic decision. I've never been able to yet. But I'll bet the kooks have a logical and reasonable explanation for such a loony plot being set in motion in the days, weeks, and months prior to November 22, 1963. Right, Gil?

So, the unseen/unknown conspirators/henchmen got lucky (yet again) when a bullet bounced off the street to strike President Kennedy at just the proper spot on his body in order to make it look like the SBT could work (when coupled with that other gunman's weak-sister frontal/throat shot, which, like the upper-back bullet, for some crazy reason never went through JFK's body either). It must have been a 2-MPH dart, huh?

To summarize:

The conspiracy-happy mega-kooks of this world will choose ANY silly option to account for JFK's and Governor John Connally's wounds, just so long as they don't ever have to face the Occam's-like solution called the "SBT".

The kooks would rather starve themselves to skeletons and sleep on the benches in Dealey Plaza for the rest of their days before admitting that the SBT is the correct shooting scenario.

No matter how stupid and retarded their theory might be, it's never TOO stupid or retarded for the anti-SBT kooks of planet Earth...just as long as the letters "SBT" never have to be uttered as a viable alternative.

This, of course, is similar in nature to the "Anybody But Oswald" disease that many conspiracy theorists suffer from. As long as LHO can escape with his skirts tidy and clean, then the kooks are happy.


"In the balmy and unhinged conspiracy universe, no evidence of guilt is stronger against someone than that he isn't Lee Harvey Oswald." -- Vincent T. Bugliosi; Page 929 of "Reclaiming History: The Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy" (c.2007)


David Von Pein
December 2007