(PART 83)


>>> "The items found to be "tied to the gun" were never proven, or found, to be from the victims (JFK and/or JBC). You have no blood or tissue on them, so they are useless for your cause." <<<


~~big chuckle~~

A bullet from Lee Oswald's gun is in the hospital;

Bullet fragments from Oz's gun are in the limo;

Bullet shells from Oz's gun are in the same building (and on the very
same floor) where the gun linked to those shells is also found.

And yet, per Robby-boy, this isn't nearly sufficient enough ballistics
evidence to prove that Oz's gun was even used AT ALL on 11/22/63.

The only thing that will satisfy Robby is if ALL of the bullets and
fragments had been found INSIDE Kennedy & Connally. (And would the
spent shells need to be buried inside the victims too, Rob?)

Okay, Rob, whose bullets DID hit John Kennedy and John Connally on
November 22, 1963, if not bullets fired from Lee Harvey Oswald's
Carcano rifle?

Care to take a wild guess?

And I suppose it was just a funny coincidence that all of the "real"
bullets that were involved in the assassination just happened to get
themselves lost right after the shooting, huh?

And it was also just a weird quirk of fate that the only bullets and
fragments large enough to be tested against a particular rifle
happened to be linked to the gun owned by the resident "patsy" in the
case, right?

Or would you like to travel down that dead-end road known as "ALL THE

Apparently you do wish to travel down that dead-end (based on your
previous nutty comments regarding the bullets).....so now I'll wait
for Robby-boy to explain to the masses in sufficient PROVABLE detail
just exactly WHO and HOW the covert team of bullet-planters went about
the task of pulling off this little bait-and-switch with the ballistics evidence.

I especially want to hear about the part where the bullets and
fragments from other (non-C2766) guns went into the victims and were
dug out by conspirators after the fact (you surely have at least ONE
such occurrence, Rob, because of your anti-SBT stance; so the bullet
that you say entered JFK's throat never exited; meaning: it's either
still in Kennedy as we speak, or somebody dug the damn thing out
without being noticed).

And the part about how the covert agents planted the two large bullet
fragments in the limo should be interesting too -- even though, of
course, this "planting" of evidence was totally unneeded, because
CE399 is going to be "planted" into the evidence pile too, per most of
the kooks.

Which means, of course, that the "patsy's" gun is going to be tied
irrevocably to the crime via JUST CE399; so why plant MORE stuff,
which only increases the chances that the plot will be exposed down
the line?

And the made-up kookshit that will be coming from Rob about how the
lead residue got on the inside of the limousine's windshield and about how
the chrome got dented near that same windshield should be a fun treat
to hear as well.

Via the perfectly reasonable Lone Assassin Named Oswald scenario,
of course, the windshield/chrome damage is explained absolutely beautifully
(and logically)....i.e., the TWO damaged areas at the front of the vehicle
were struck during the assassination by the TWO large bullet fragments
from Lee Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano rifle (with the fragments moving
from BACK to FRONT after exiting JFK's head).

I wonder how a kook named Rob will manage to explain away the perfect
"TWO & TWO" coincidence regarding the TWO different areas of
automobile damage in conjunction with the TWO supposedly "planted"
fragments found in the front seat?

I guess the evil FBI must have fired a bullet through Oswald's rifle
the next day (because the FBI didn't even have the gun in its
possession until around 11:30 PM on November 22nd).

Anyway, I guess the bullet-planters fired that "planted" limo bullet
into something pretty hard to make it break up into pieces -- but not
pieces that would be too small, because they obviously needed the
planted fragments linked to their proverbial "patsy's" rifle.
Otherwise, why the hell plant them at all, if the fragments are never
going to be able to be linked to ANY gun at all?

And, somewhat amazingly, the bullet-planters did an excellent job of
perfectly mimicking the end results of various future tests where
bullets were fired directly into human skulls, with those test bullets
fragmenting in just about the same fashion as CE567 and CE569 (the
front-seat fragments in the Kennedy case). Did the FBI fire the "planted"
limo bullet into a human skull too? .....

But, instead of leaning toward Occam's (and just plain ol' common
sense in general), a rabid conspiracist feels it's much better to
accuse many different people (who are always unnamed and unidentified
by the CTers, of course) of underhanded shenanigans with respect to
the official evidence that exists in the JFK case.

Go figure that mindset.

Hopefully Rob never serves on a jury in an open-and-shut murder case
involving a gunshot victim who just happened to not have any bullets
plucked from his or her dead body.

One more murderer walking out the door because of a paranoid kook.

>>> "Yes, CE 399 was probably fired from the Carcano, but not into humans, but rather cotton wadding or water." <<<

Great. Now CE399 is only in Rob's "probably fired from the Carcano"
file. Nothing is ever definitive enough for conspiracy lovers, is it?
Even 399, which has all of its "lands and grooves" intact for a
ballistics comparison, is only considered to have "probably" been
fired through Oswald's rifle, right Robcap? Lovely.

Did JFK even travel to Dallas on 11/22/63? That fact is probably up in
the air too, isn't it, Mister Conspiracy?

Re: Robert Frazier (and Rob's silly assertion that Frazier wasn't
qualified to testify as an expert in some ballistics-matching areas):

Read Frazier's testimony....it's quite detailed in many areas of
firearms and bullet identification. He was amply qualified to testify
regarding the matters he testified about in 1964. He physically
performed many of the tests himself.

So, Rob, as usual, is spewing bullshit. Nothing new there, of course.

I wonder if Rob Caprio fingerprints his mother, father, wife, and
children before allowing them to enter his house (just to verify their
identities)? Can't be too careful in this kooky world we live in, ya

Okay, Rob....you're up. Let's hear your shady pro-conspiracy scenario
regarding the bullets and fragments. And please make it good. (And
making it provable, and non-laughable, would be kind of nice for a
change too.)

David Von Pein
December 2007