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Re: The above-linked book review by conspiracy theorist Gary Aguilar:

Gee, what a shocker! A conspiracist actually disagrees with Vincent
Bugliosi and the lone-assassin scenario. ~faints~

Gary Aguilar, as expected, spends an inordinate amount of time trying
to prop up the idea that Dr. Vincent P. Guinn's Neutron Activation Analysis
data is totally invalid. The truth is, of course, that the NAA analysis is
(and always has been) merely corroborative in nature and is actually
completely unneeded in order to determine the very likely origin of the
small bullet fragments associated with the JFK murder case.

For, I still want to know what the odds are of ZERO pieces of any non-
Oswald bullets (large enough to be tested via traditional ballistics
means, that is) showing up anywhere (car, hospital, victims) and yet
still have bullets from any non-Oswald guns striking any victims in
that limousine?

The ONLY bullets/fragments large enough to be tested are ballistically
linked irrevocably to Lee Harvey Oswald's Carcano Rifle #C2766. This
is a FACT that cannot be denied...no matter how many CTers show up in
the future to try and dispute this irreversible fact.

And that irreversible fact about the bullets and fragments is an
absolutely incredible fact IF OTHER GUNS WERE INVOLVED IN HITTING
THE VICTIMS TOO. (Don't you think?)

Is there anyone out there who thinks it's actually LIKELY, given the
above-mentioned fact about the bullet evidence, for any non-C2766
guns to have been involved in the assassination? If anyone thinks such
a scenario IS "likely", they must be living in a different galaxy.

Common sense alone solves the bullet "mystery" (which isn't a mystery
at all, of course, if you're a reasonable person).

And I'm guessing that the chances were mighty, mighty low indeed for
Dr. Guinn to have arrived at a "2 Bullets From C2766" conclusion in
1977-78, even based on 1970s standards, IF MULTIPLE OTHER TYPES OF
BULLETS/GUNS had really been in the bullet mix that Guinn examined for
the HSCA.

That's yet another "absolutely incredible" one-gun-favoring conclusion
if THREE different guns had actually fired bullets that struck JFK and
Governor John Connally on 11/22/63 (as almost all anti-Single-Bullet Theory advocates MUST believe, due to several factors).

So, per those anti-SBTers, bullets from THREE different guns (at
least!) entered the victims and yet the only pieces of bullet large
enough to be tested ballistically (in order to exclude or include
Oswald's C2766) just happened to be a whole bullet and two fragments
from that exact gun--C2766.

Is this truly higher math....or brain surgery? To me, it's obvious.
But to many conspiracy theorists, it's completely up in the air.
Go figure.

Regarding Warren Commission Exhibit No. 399.....

I thinks it's quite humorous that many CTers have "switched" to a "The
Bullet Was Switched Instead Of Planted"
mindset with respect to CE399
(as Dr. Aguilar mentions having occurred over the last several years).

Maybe it's akin to David Lifton's conspiratorial mindset -- i.e., if
one theory falls flat, just move on to the next wholly unsupportable

Mr. Lifton has seemingly utilized that motto on various occasions
since his mind-numbing piece of tripe called "Best Evidence" was
released and gobbled up with glee by a lot of conspiracy buffs in
1980 and 1981.

But the idea of a "switched" bullet is every bit as silly as a
"planted" 399....if for no other reason, it just about totally
demolishes ANOTHER long-held belief of the anti-SBT CTers -- that
being: the belief by theorists that NO BULLET (399 or otherwise) could
have ended up in the near-perfect condition that 399 was in after
being discovered on Governor Connally's stretcher by Darrell Tomlinson.

But the "switched" theory includes a WHOLE, INTACT, and (per most
CTers I've encountered who love this "switched" theory) POINTY-NOSED
bullet being found by Tomlinson instead of CE399.

So, per that "switched" scenario, I guess a bullet remained pretty
much INTACT and (just exactly like CE399) suffered no damage at all to
the "business end of the bullet--the tip" (to use the verbatim words
of Dr. Gary Aguilar from the above-linked article), because the nose of that
bullet was still "pointy" when discovered by Tomlinson (per many

It makes me wonder HOW those same CTers can possibly accept the idea
of a pointy-nosed bullet remaining "pointy-nosed" after having done
done per the Warren Commission and the HSCA?

Or do those "switched"-favoring CTers think that the "pointy" bullet
wasn't really the bullet that was inside John Connally either? Was
THAT bullet "planted", and then "switched" for Oswald's 399?

Seems to me it's a "six of one, half-dozen of the other" type of
argument here. Either a pointy bullet remained intact and without a
crushed nose after going through Connally's body and ended up on that
stretcher inside Parkland Hospital....or CE399 did. And the best
evidence is that Connally was hit by just a SINGLE bullet, not two
or three missiles.

Either way that argument is sliced and theorized, it would appear that
a decent-sized number of CTers are going to have to jettison a theory
they've held so dear for a long, long time -- that being the theory
that a bullet could not possibly end up in a whole, unfragmented, non-
mutilated condition after breaking the bones it must have broken in
John Connally's body.

In the final (and logical) analysis, Vincent Bugliosi's "Reclaiming History"
will probably remain the JFK Bible for many decades to come, despite
the CTers who have a desire to pick apart every evidence-based
sentence within it.

David Von Pein
December 2007