(PART 227)


>>> "Maybe it hasn't dawned on you yet, but the correct answer is that the book ["Reclaiming History"] was written by a committee." <<<



You can't prove what you just said and you know it. But you'll say it anyway....right Anthony?


>>> "Vince wrote that part about 210 and commissioned the drawing showing 210, while Myers wrote the bit about 224." <<<

More bullshit.

BTW, Tony, do you believe Lifton's allegation about Pat Lambert writing the entire Stone/Garrison chapter of VB's book?

[If so, read this.]

>>> "JFK's balled-up fists are in the way of an exiting bullet at 224." <<<

Oh goodie! More bullshit!

>>> "As noted above, the book ["Reclaiming History"] was written by a committee and cobbled together at the last minute." <<<


Vince took 21 years to write a book, but for some reason it needed to be "cobbled together" at the "last minute" in 2007.

Tony, you're hilarious.

>>> "For example, Bugliosi sent someone to the Kennedy Library to find out the specifications of the limo." <<<

Who performed that task for Vince? Any chance you can tell us? Or would you prefer to wallow in your make-believe, wishy-washy mush regarding the way Vince Bugliosi wrote and researched his JFK book?

>>> "But that person was a dunce and did not realize that the documents were about the limo AFTER the Quick Fix after the assassination." <<<

"The limousine was not, as the buffs allege without any supporting authority, immediately rebuilt. The rebuilding of the car did not commence until over a year later in Detroit." -- VB; Page 1276 of "Reclaiming History" (c.2007)

>>> "That's why Vince tries to snow us with very precise details about things like the weight and then reveals his ignorance by saying it was armored. Sloppy research method." <<<

Yes, he got the "armored" thing wrong.

So let's string him up by the oak tree in front of the Depository.

>>> "Could be that Bugliosi didn't even bother to read it. Often authors have never read their own books when they have been ghostwritten by the CIA." <<<

Goodie! More excrement seeping onto the Internet carpet!

Marsh...you're BEYOND hilarious!

>>> "Again, you miss the point. He [VB] doesn't care. You [DVP] don't care. The facts [which VB & DVP know about] just get in the way. You can change the [SBT] frame every day." <<<

But many conspiracists feel it's perfectly okay to change the number and names of the "plotters" every other day...with some CTers also feeling it's okay to change the number of shots fired.

What's this got to do with you, right Tony?

Well, okay. But the above paragraph was merely a general hunk of info I wanted to toss into the mix -- and it's certainly true when it comes to some people on the "conspiracy" side of the fence.

David Von Pein
May 18, 2008