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>>> "Nowhere does [Dale Myers] cite any medical support that the bullet passed through JFK at a downward angle. But the HSCA did. They tracked the wound at an 11-degree UPWARD angle. The exact opposite to what Myers showed. What a surprise. Again, what does this say about the quality of [Myers'] work when UP becomes DOWN?" <<<


You're not stating the HSCA's position regarding the "11 degrees
upward" nonsense correctly at all.

Do you think that a gunman shot Kennedy in the upper back from below
street level or some such impossible angle (so as to achieve a literal
"upward" trajectory through JFK's body when the shooting occurred)?

The HSCA (incorrectly, as is quite obvious by taking just a cursory look
at the top autopsy photo shown below) only determined that the SBT
bullet was travelling "11 degrees upwards" when JFK was re-positioned
in a ramrod straight ("anatomical") position.

But the bullet was ALWAYS travelling DOWNWARD from the sniper's
(Oswald's) POV...quite obviously. Which means, after traversing the
soft tissues of Kennedy's upper back and neck (throat) and striking
"no bony objects" to divert its path significantly (if at all), the
downward-angled bullet had nowhere else to go except into the car's
seats or floor or into the body of the person who was sitting in front
of him (John Bowden Connally Jr., Governor of Texas).

And even Dr. Cyril Wecht agrees with LNers on this one; i.e., Wecht
believes that the bullet did NOT change from a DOWNWARD course to
any kind of an UPWARD course after it passed through John F. Kennedy's

At least that was Dr. Wecht's position regarding that important matter as
of June 14, 2007, as we can hear for ourselves HERE during Cyril's debate
with Vincent Bugliosi on matters relating to the Single-Bullet Theory on
Pittsburgh radio station WPTT.

RE: The HSCA....

By way of the top autopsy photo linked below, the House Select
Committee's Forensic Pathology Panel is pretty much proven dead wrong
with respect to its determination that the SBT bullet was travelling
UPWARD through an anatomically-erect John Kennedy.

Because it can't be any more obvious that Kennedy IS in an
"anatomical" (straight up & down) posture in the top photo below; and
it also couldn't be any more obvious that the visible throat wound in
this same turned-sideways picture is located well BELOW the wound in
JFK's back, despite the fact we can't see the actual bullet hole in
Kennedy's back here. But SOME common sense regarding the approximate
location of the wound should be used when examining this photograph.

And when you toggle back and forth between both of these photos, can it
be any clearer that JFK's throat wound is located anatomically lower than
his upper-back wound?:

David Von Pein
May 15, 2008