(PART 226)


>>> "My God, man, can't you even see that Bugliosi's SBT diagram has the bullet hit Connally in the back halfway over to the right armpit? Forget precise measurements. It isn't even CLOSE to the right armpit." <<<


Sure it is. Obviously it is. You'd better look again. Because you're dead wrong:

>>> "Remember that I asked Bugliosi which frame was the SBT and he refused to answer the question." <<<

Probably because Vince doesn't know himself what the exact SBT frame is. He's all over the Zapruder map in his book regarding the SBT timing, which is one of the things I've criticized him for. I think he should have been more consistent in the book regarding the SBT timing.

I'm of the opinion, of course, that the precise and accurate SBT Z-frame can be established fairly easily by way of John Connally's post-Z223 reactions and movements.

And I'm actually a bit amazed that Dale Myers (a person who worked closely with VB on certain parts of the book "Reclaiming History") wasn't able to convince Vince that Z223-Z224 is the precise time on the Z-Film when the SBT occurred.

But, obviously, Dale either didn't even try to convince Bugliosi of the Z223-Z224 SBT timing....or VB still didn't buy into such a timeline even AFTER being exposed to Myers' detailed work and the various toggling Z-Film clips which depict the obvious involuntary reactions of John B. Connally having been hit by a bullet just an instant after Z-Frame #223.

Beats me why Vince can't see the obviousness of a Z224 SBT hit. But Vince is pretty much everywhere when it comes to his timing of the Single-Bullet Theory throughout his book -- from Z207 to Z225. But, then too, when looking at VB's ambiguous SBT timelines in his book, in a way I can appreciate the fact that Vince doesn't want to pin himself down to any ONE single Z-Film frame for the SBT. He just flat-out doesn't think it's possible to KNOW for certain what the exact frame number is.

This, of course, is exactly what the Warren Commission did as well, with the WC electing to not pin themselves down to any precise frame for the SBT, instead deciding to go with a range of frames, from Z210 to 225.

Of course, a lot better (digital) technology exists now with which to view the Zapruder Film (and constantly toggle back and forth between any of the frames within the film).

And the super-fast and obviously involuntary "hat dance" performed by Connally starting at Z226 is a darn good sign, IMO, that a bullet has just an instant earlier struck the Governor's right wrist (and the actual penetration of that bullet certainly didn't occur way back at Z190 or Z210, given what we see on the Zapruder Film starting at Z226):

David Von Pein
May 17, 2008