(PART 218)


>>> "DVP, if the distortion of the images used in 'Beyond the Magic Bullet' was "self-evident", than [sic] why have you had such a hard time recognizing it? Myers, in his zeal to call me stupid, is attacking you as well." <<<


In all honesty, the thought about distorted images on computer monitors
filmed at an angle by the Discovery Channel never even once crossed my
mind before this topic came up recently at the various JFK forums (and at
Dale Myers' website).

Why in the world WOULD it cross anyone's mind particularly?

But when a person stops and THINKS about it for a few moments, then, yes,
I guess it does, indeed, make sense that the angle of the monitor to the camera would distort things a little bit.

The STRAIGHT-ON view of Myers pushing Connally's jump seat inboard isn't "distorted" in any great way, however. At least I doubt it is. It's being filmed HEAD-ON, it looks to me.

And Dale is definitely sliding that jump seat inboard more than 2.5 inches, and IMO that's not a good thing for him to do, regardless of "time" constraints for the Discovery Channel program. Because it can only serve to confuse people who see the whole seat (with Connally sitting on it) being shoved into a place inside the Presidential limousine where it was never really located.


In Myers' FULL WORKING MODEL that has been LOCKED IN and "Key Framed" to the Zapruder Film itself (with the trajectory lines on it leading back to the Book Depository's Sniper's Nest), and not just culling the snippet with the moving seat, Dale appears to have that jump seat CLOSER to the door (i.e., in the CORRECT location, per the body draft supplied by the limo's manufacturer, Hess & Eisenhardt).

And the Single-Bullet Theory works perfectly via that CLOSER-TO-THE-DOOR full working model. And THAT'S the most important thing. (IMHO.) (YMMV.)


To repeat (yet again):

The bullet that exited JFK's throat had TWO places to go as it came out of the President's throat on its downward angle---

1.) Into the seats or floorboards of the limousine.


2.) Into the body of Governor John B. Connally Jr.

Since we know beyond ALL doubt that #1 did not occur....it means that #2 did occur.

The SBT lives.
And always will.
Because it's the obvious truth.

David Von Pein
May 11, 2008