(PART 215)


I challenge you [Dale K. Myers] to come out from behind your "you can't project 2D lines on 3D images" facade, and create an overview depicting the alignment of Kennedy and Connally at frames 223-224, and a 10-degree trajectory from the sniper's nest connecting their wounds. .... Please remember that the bullet striking Kennedy struck him at the T-1 level, and exited at this same level, and that the bullet striking Connally did not pass through his chest in the direction of his heart, as depicted on your Beyond Conspiracy animation. I look forward to studying this image.


Pat hasn't a leg (or an extra bullet) to stand on...because even Pat admits that a bullet exiting JFK's throat WILL hit John Connally in the back regardless of where the jump seat is located -- whether it be 6 inches from the right door, or 2.5 inches. (And, yes, there's undeniably a discrepancy in the official records concerning the exact location of that seat -- Kelley/Canning vs. the Hess & Eisenhardt body draft of the limo.)

But either jump-seat measurement results in Connally being hit in the back by the bullet that comes out of Kennedy....and even Patrick J. Speer acknowledges this fact:

"His [Dale Myers'] animation deceptively depicts an under-sized Connally model on a seat 3.5 inches further from the door than the seat occupied by the flesh and bone Connally, and that, when these mistakes are corrected, the bullet exiting Kennedy's neck strikes Connally in the middle of his back." -- Pat Speer; April 18, 2008

And since the only verified source of gunfire is the Sniper's Nest in the TSBD, where does such a "6 inches vs. 2.5 inches" debate really take a conspiracy theorist?

Does it take the CTer to another unidentified mystery shooter in Dealey Plaza? If so, where? And can anybody verify the presence of such a shooter? (The answer to that, of course, is no...and always has been.)

The basic (undeniable) facts:

1.) Three bullet shells from Lee Harvey Oswald's rifle found in the Book Depository's Sniper's Nest.

2.) 90%+ of the earwitnesses heard three shots or fewer.

3.) All bullets and bullet fragments in the whole case are linked either conclusively to Oswald's Carcano rifle or are (at the very least) consistent with having come from that same weapon. While, on the other side of that ballistics coin, there isn't a single bullet or bullet fragment in the entire case that can be proven to have positively NOT been fired from Oswald's rifle.

4.) All ENTRY wounds on both victims are positively and undeniably REAR entry wounds, indicating that all shots that struck any limo victims came from ABOVE and BEHIND the President's vehicle.

Given this evidence indicating "ONLY THREE SHOTS WERE FIRED, ALL COMING FROM THE DEPOSITORY'S SNIPER'S NEST", it seems to me that about the only place Pat Speer can possibly go with the jump-seat location snafu (without adding in a large amount of conjecture and guesswork) is to theorize that the Sniper's-Nest gunman (who was undeniably Lee Harvey Oswald, via the sum total of evidence) managed to hit John Connally with a separate bullet that magically somehow managed to miss hitting the man who was in the direct path of that bullet (JFK).

So, even if Pat is right when it comes to his particular anti-SBT stance (which he isn't, of course, for a variety of additional reasons not discussed in this post), where does he really end up, when logic and the physical evidence are taken into account?


Lee Harvey Oswald, with Rifle #C2766, fired three shots from the Texas School Book Depository Building, hitting Governor Connally once and President Kennedy twice.

Hardly worth the effort that Pat has put into it....is it?

David Von Pein
May 9, 2008