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>>> "Hey there Dave, have you had a chance to rebut [Jim] Fetzer's review of [Vincent Bugliosi's] book or read his "reasoning" article? If you have and it's on the web somewhere, drop me the link. /s/James .... PS: btw, he emailed these to me after I shot an email to him re his views of the assassination. .... PSS: good job rebutting Pat Speer's ridiculous "logic" on Myers' graphics presentation." <<<


Hi James,

I think I've seen those two Fetzer articles you sent me [linked below].



It's all total crap, of course, with Dr. Fetzer seemingly pulling out
every last tired and already-trashed conspiracy theory in existence
since '64 to try and prove his case for a massive plot to kill JFK.
(Plus the newer nonsense about the Z-Film being "wholly fabricated",
which is a theory that's always good for a robust giggle or two.)

A couple of my favorite laugh-inducing passages from Fetzer's review
of Vincent Bugliosi's book are these:

"While he [Bugliosi] claims to have 53 items of evidence incriminating Oswald, he also dismisses indications that most if not all of them appear to be planted, faked or fabricated." -- JHF

"Mantik has demonstrated that, given the wound to the back and the wound to the throat combined with two wounds to the head (one from behind and one from in front), JFK was hit at least four times." -- JHF

Imagine that, folks! JFK was hit TWICE as many times as the three
autopsists said he was! And the President was hit TWICE as many times
("at least"!) as BOTH Government investigative panels (the WC and the
HSCA) determined he was hit!

But Fetzer and Mantik know the truth. President Kennedy was hit by "at
least" FOUR bullets on 11/22/63.

I guess the massive cover-up did no good after all, huh? It's all come
unraveled due to the persistent digging of truth-seekers like Dr. Fetzer
and Dr. Mantik.

And here's another amazing "IMAGINE THAT!" moment!:

Fetzer is telling us that there are very likely 53 separate pieces of
"planted", "faked", and/or "fabricated" evidence connected with the
murders of John F. Kennedy and J.D. Tippit -- all leading to the same
guy ("Patsy Oswald")!

Whew! Those plotters deserve not only an Academy Award....they have
also earned a lifetime vacation in the Bahamas! Because NO covert
mission in history could possibly have been more tiring and taxing
than the one carried out by those amazing conspirators in Dallas who
assembled all of that "fabricated" stuff to frame that poor schnook
named Lee Harvey.

And there must have been hundreds if not thousands of them working
in perfect unison with one another to make the fabrication of all 53
pieces of evidence flow seamlessly together.

For some mysterious reason, Mr. Fetzer seems to think that arranging
53 pieces of FALSE evidence against a single man named Oswald is a
fairly simple task. And, incredibly, Mr. Fetzer evidently thinks that
his current belief that virtually all of the evidence in the JFK case has
been planted, faked, or fabricated is a MORE REASONABLE thing to
believe than to simply believe in Lee Harvey Oswald's guilt.

Somebody check on William of Occam (of Occam's Razor fame). For, he
is surely performing a series of cartwheels in his grave at this


Dr. Fetzer's charge that his pro-conspiracy conclusions in his three
assassination books have been totally "ignored" by Vincent Bugliosi in
VB's book "Reclaiming History" is just flat-out silly.

This is similar to the equally-false allegation--put forth by a
certain Mr. Ben Holmes on the Internet--that Mr. Bugliosi has totally
ignored and/or sidestepped all 16 of Fetzer's "Smoking Guns".

But the truth is: Bugliosi doesn't just completely ignore the
conspiracy-slanted allegations put forth in Fetzer's books; nor has
Vince ignored the main points that Fetzer focuses on in his absurd
"16 Smoking Guns" list.

Evidently, people like Fetzer and Holmes must think that because
Bugliosi decided not to call one of his chapters in his JFK book
"Debunking All Of James Fetzer's Theories, One-By-One", this
therefore means (per those kooks) that Vince has totally ignored the
individual conspiracy theories set forth in Fetzer's three books and
in his "Smoking Guns" laundry list.

But this, of course, is nonsense of the first (kook) order. Because as
I fully illustrate HERE, Vincent Bugliosi, in "Reclaiming History",
has most certainly addressed, confronted, and knocked down ALL of the
theories and allegations put on the table by Dr. Fetzer (and virtually all
other major conspiracy authors).

And while it's true that Vince hasn't done this theory-debunking with
specific chapters in his book devoted solely to Super-Kook James H.
Fetzer, the theories espoused by Fetzer are most certainly still
addressed and covered SOMEWHERE within Mr. Bugliosi's massive book
(and the accompanying CD-ROM full of Endnotes). Several examples are
provided at the link above and HERE (including a section on the ridiculous "Zapruder Film Alteration" theory).

Thanks for writing, James.

Best Regards,
David Von Pein
May 11, 2008