(PART 220)


>>> "No, [the width of each jump seat in the Presidential limousine is] exactly 20.5 inches." <<<


Yes, I think you're right here, Tony. Thanks for the correction. The
"5" in "20.50" in this schematic below is blurry and hard to read; I
had thought originally it said "20.00"; but I think it is 20.50:

Via the illustration used in the actual HSCA volumes (at 6 HSCA 50),
the "5" in "20.50" is a little clearer and easier to read. So, 20.50
inches it must be (thank you again, Tony, for that correction, because
it makes my previous argument an even better one--by 1 inch total,
counting both jump seats).

Therefore, given the fact that there's an extra half-inch in there for
the width of each jump seat, as opposed to my previous probably-
incorrect statement concerning the width of the seats, it means that
my prior argument in another post is certainly even stronger and more
valid about there not being enough room to slide the jump seats
inboard a full six inches without running up onto the hump that runs
along the floor of the car.

For the record (again), I now fully believe that the best and most-
likely-to-be-accurate figure for the "jump-seat-from-the-door"
measurement is 2.5 inches--not 6 inches.

Because the actual limo chart (body draft) shows 2.50 inches for that
measurement. Surely that's the data we should rely on as the BEST
EVIDENCE in this regard. And from what I've seen in Mr. Myers' FULL
and not just a culled video snippet showing a close-up of the seats
with a toggling jump seat moving back and forth), Myers has, indeed,
utilized the correct and best measurement for the distance between the
right-hand door and John Connally's jump seat (2.5 inches).

>>> "Probably impossible. That extra 3.5 inches [if the jump seats had, in fact, been located 6 inches inboard in the limo, instead of just 2.5 inches inboard] would not fit." <<<

Exactly. I'm glad to see that a lone-assassin believer like myself and
a conspiracy theorist like Anthony Marsh can finally agree with each
other on something. This is precisely what I had theorized in an
earlier post:

"If the jump seat is 20 inches wide (which the Hess & Eisenhardt chart says it is) [I've now come to realize that that measurement is slightly off; it should be 20.5 inches], and IF the seat was placed a full six inches from the inner surface of the door, it looks like that might be an awfully-tight squeeze without actually having the seat itself (or the base part of it) running up onto the hump. That, of course, is just a guess on my part, based on nothing more than merely eyeballing the..."hump" picture, without having any way to accurately measure the distances with any precision. And since we are only talking about a "discrepancy" of 3.5 inches in the first place, I suppose I could very well be mistaken. But it seems to me, it's something to take into account anyway." -- DVP; May 13, 2008

>>> "...Dale Myers refused to come clean about his data." <<<

Dale has a whole bunch of stuff laid out in great detail on his website (pages
of which are linked below). How much more "data" does a skeptical conspiracy
theorist require? Just curious.




>>> "National Liars Award [referring to Dale K. Myers]." <<<

To use Tony's favorite one-word retort:


David Von Pein
May 13, 2008