(PART 221)


>>> "Well, you are making progress. Can I interest you in some conspiracy theories?" <<<


Why would I want to make a silly leap like that? The Single-Bullet Theory fits absolutely beautifully with the bulk (sum total) of the evidence in the JFK case.

So perfectly does the SBT fit, in fact, it would have probably taken an act (miracle) from God Himself to make so many things end up supporting an "SBT" scenario and yet still have the single-bullet conclusion NOT be the truth.

Why more conspiracists fail to realize this fact (or say they don't realize it) is beyond me.

>>> "[Dale] Myers knows the correct measurements. He misspoke. The implication of his mistake is that if he were right about Connally's midline being 6 inches to the left of Kennedy's midline then the SBT is impossible. You MUST move Connally over farther to his left." <<<

I really have no idea why you're saying this.

Let's have a gander (via two separate sources):

1.) From Dale Myers' website (third picture from the top HERE).

2.) The illustration below from Vincent Bugliosi's book (which is an illustration that is not directly connected with Myers' animation project):

I don't know how to go about measuring the exact distance between the two victims' midlines in the above two photos, but six inches looks approximately correct to me (via just eyeballing the distances).

A conspiracy theorist's mileage, of course, will undoubtedly vary.


Commission Exhibit #903:

Quite obviously, we cannot tell exactly how far inboard the stand-in for John Connally is located in CE903. But we do have Lyndal Shaneyfelt's Warren Commission testimony [shown below] to guide us. Do CTers feel that Shaneyfelt, too, is a liar or a Government-controlled shill?

ARLEN SPECTER -- "Were the stand-ins for President Kennedy and Governor Connally positioned in the same relative positions as those occupied by President Kennedy and Governor Connally depicted in the Zapruder films?"

LYNDAL L. SHANEYFELT -- "Yes. These positions were approximately the position of the President and Governor Connally in the Zapruder films in the area around frame 225 as they go behind the signboard and as they emerge from the signboard."

SPECTER -- "Was the rod which is held in that photograph positioned at an angle as closely parallel to the white string as it could be positioned?"


SPECTER -- "And through what positions did that rod pass?"

SHANEYFELT -- "The rod passed through a position on the back of the stand-in for the President at a point approximating that of the entrance wound, exited along about the knot of the tie or the button of the coat or button of the shirt, and the end of the rod was inserted in the entrance hole on the back of Governor Connally's coat which was being worn by the stand-in for Governor Connally."

SPECTER -- "And was Governor Connally's stand-in seated in the position where the point of exit would have been below the right nipple at the approximate point described by Governor Connally's doctors?"

SHANEYFELT -- "That is correct."


SENATOR COOPER -- "You had to establish the position of the President at the time the bullet struck him and the position of the rifle to make a determination about the degree of the angle of the direction?"

SHANEYFELT -- "That is correct. The positions in the car, their positions in the car, were based on the Zapruder film."

COOPER -- "And you were able to determine what you think very accurately the position of the President in the car by the films that you have examined?"


David Von Pein
May 14, 2008