(PART 228)


>>> "David, is this [a Google Group devoted solely to VB's book "Reclaiming History"] really necessary?" <<<


Well, of course it's not really "necessary". None of these silly JFK-related forums is really "necessary". It's all a huge waste of time and energy, as we all know, because nobody is changing anybody's mind about the John F. Kennedy assassination one way or the other.

I've never, ever ONCE heard somebody say this as a result of reading any LNer's comments on the various newsgroups/forums: "You know what, that guy makes a lot of sense; I was wrong; I now think Oswald acted alone."

Has that ever happened to anybody here? If so, I've yet to hear about it. It certainly hasn't happened to me. And I KNOW I make a lot of "sense". ~wink~

So, as I said, these forums are purely for FYI and entertainment and opponent-bashing purposes only....as is quite obvious by reading pretty much anything written in the newsgroups.

Having spouted the above forthright rant, I will also say that I'd like to think that a few of my LN-favoring posts, reviews, and assorted articles have met with some degree of approval and favorable head-nodding over the years, although certainly not by any members of the entrenched "Conspiracy" crowd (naturally).

And since Google allows people to start up these newsgroups for free and with very little effort, I decided to start one up devoted exclusively to Vince Bugliosi's "Book For The Ages" ["Reclaiming History"].

I'm not allowing anybody else to post anything at all to the RH site, however, because I don't want it ruined by a bunch of meaningless "Bugliosi's nothing but a liar" crap from the conspiracy theorists (which would, of course, inevitably happen over the course of time).

If that's called censorship, so be it. Then I'm a censor. But since Google gives the group's owner a right to decide who can post and who can't, I'm going to take advantage of those options and ownership rights.

So, is my "Reclaiming History" Google site necessary? Hell, no. Of course it isn't. But I don't care. I like it anyway. :)

Maybe next month I'll start up a new NG called: "The Wonders Of Watching Grass Grow".

That site won't be the slightest bit necessary either; and it'll probably attract about the same number of visitors as my new "RH" site (anywhere from 0 to 2 per month). ~Cheshire grin~

David Von Pein
May 19, 2008