(PART 216)


>>> "So...you're saying that because we ASSUME it's possible for someone to sneak into an area of a building and steal some tape and some stiff brown paper, and not be noticed, and then fold them up beneath his clothes and carry them around, and not be noticed, and then sneak them out of his pants in a really small home and not be noticed, and then sneak into the garage of this really small home filled with other people and not be noticed, and then turn this tape and paper into a bag and not be noticed, and then put a rifle in this bag, we should accept that this happened, even if the only two witnesses to see this bag insisted the bag was too small to hold the rifle." <<<


I guess maybe we should take this "And not be noticed" scenario one
step further (and deeper into the "absurd" category) with respect to
the assassins that many CTers think were able to sneak into the TSBD
and up to the 6th Floor AND NOT GET THEMSELVES NOTICED by anybody,
including the EXTRA people on that very 6th Floor from which "they"
would be attempting to frame their "patsy".

The "extra" people being the floor-laying crew, who would not normally
have been occupying the 6th Floor for an extended period of time
during a regular work day in the TSBD, but they did on November 22.
Meaning that the "real killers" up on that 6th Floor would have
undoubtedly had MORE Depository workers than normal to contend with
that day as they tried to go about the task of shooting the President
and framing that schnook named Lee Harvey for the crime they

So, it's more amazing luck for the non-LHO assassins (whoever they
might have been).

And then more luck comes the "real killers'" way....when, after the
assassination, every one of these "real killers" who occupied the
sixth floor at 12:30 managed to NOT BE NOTICED by Sandra Styles or
Vickie Adams, or anybody else in the building after the murder.*

* = And if you want to believe Oliver Stone's fairy tale (as some want
to do), I think Oliver has FOUR "technicians"/plotters up there on the
6th Floor planting evidence, etc. (it's at least three anyway), with
tool boxes to hide the rifle that the boobs decided to shoot Kennedy
with, even though they're trying to frame LHO with the Carcano. (Great
Patsy Plot there indeed. If you're a brain-dead plotter, that is.)

Did the good fortune that was bestowed upon that (imagined) band of
reckless assassins/patsy-framers in Dallas in '63 ever run out--even
to this day?

Evidently, the answer to that last inquiry is a robust "No", to be sure.


Who's more likely to GET THEMSELVES NOTICED? ---

1.) A batch of strangers with tool boxes who had to go UP six flights
to the next-to-top floor within the Book Depository, construct the
Sniper's Nest around the southeast corner window, hide somewhere from
Bonnie Ray Williams while Williams ate his lunch on that very same 6th
Floor (all four "real TSBD killers" managed to hide from Williams, per
Oliver Stone, evidently), shoot JFK, disassemble their weapon(s),
"plant" all of the LHO-incriminating evidence, and then travel back
DOWN those same six flights again in order to get out of the building?


2.) Lee Harvey Oswald carrying around some innocuous wrapping paper
THE DAY BEFORE the President's assassination takes place?

The high-tech, galaxy-hopping travellers in Star Trek can't hold a candle
to the cloaking devices employed by Oliver Stone's Depository bad
guys. I think even most conspiracy theorists can agree with me there.

David Von Pein
May 9, 2008