(PART 903)


The WC created a comfortable myth for the citizens at the time.


How can presenting the raw facts be considered a "myth"?

Even if the Warren Commission had never existed, the evidence would still be there. The WC didn't collect or invent the evidence. They merely evaluated it. And that evidence supports Oswald's guilt. Nobody can possibly deny that fact. (Do you deny that, Pam?)

Nothing's changed since 1963 as far as the core physical evidence in this case goes. If you watch or listen to any of the real-time television or radio coverage from the weekend of the assassination, it's plainly evident as of the evening of 11/22/63 that Lee Harvey Oswald was guilty of killing both President Kennedy and J.D. Tippit.

Or do you, Pam, think the Dallas Police Department had a routine habit of charging people with TWO MURDERS within 12 hours of the crimes being committed without a stitch of evidence to back up those serious charges?

And the "Everything Was Fake" mantra used by conspiracy promoters is just a cop-out, and always has been. It's a sign of pure desperation on a CTer's behalf.

In reality, it's the conspiracists, in a sense, who are constantly attempting to "alter" the evidence and pretend it adds up to something it most certainly does not add up to. And nobody has created any "myths" other than the conspiracy theorists (like these). But in the "CT" world, a myth can easily (and quickly) become a hardened fact. Fortunately, however, the "CT" world has no relationship to this "Real" world that most people reside in.

It's just too bad more people can't see through the parlor games engaged in by the conspiracy theorists for what they truly are---games being played by people who evidently have a strong desire to disbelieve every single piece of evidence that's on the table in the JFK and Tippit murder cases.

Pamela, answer this for me if you would....

Do you truly think that even ONE piece of the evidence in the JFK and/or Tippit cases has been PROVEN by anyone to be fake, manufactured, altered, substituted, or otherwise tampered with by the authorities in an effort to frame a man named Lee H. Oswald?

If your answer is "Yes" to my above inquiry, please tell me what pieces of evidence you feel have been PROVEN to be fraudulent.

Thank you.

David Von Pein
February 21, 2015