(PART 893)


A debate or discussion must include evidence and authentication, unless we are having a speculation party.


All I've ever seen is the repeating of the same tired disproven "facts" that Ozzie had a rifle and he was a sharpshooter so he MUST have done it.

There is simply nothing of DVP, Posner or Bugliosi to respect. When they finally make a coherent and authentic argument, we'll all know.


I'm often told that I and other "LNers" are "in denial" when it comes to the true facts surrounding JFK's murder. But I truly think it's the other way around--it's conspiracy theorists like Mr. David Josephs who are always "denying" what the evidence clearly indicates---and that evidence is all pointing in one single direction--to Lee H. Oswald. (How can anyone possibly deny that the evidence DOES, indeed, all point directly at Oswald and his guns and his shells and his bullets and his prints and HIS BLATANT LIES?)

Conspiracy theorists don't agree with each other on much of anything when it comes to the details of the assassination and the question of "WHO DID IT?"

Conspiracy believers are all over the map. No coherent theories whatsoever from what I have seen. And they certainly haven't disproved the Single-Bullet Theory to even the slightest degree -- although most CTers on the Internet THINK they have successfully demolished the SBT to the point where they don't even want to debate it with lowly "LN disinfo agents" like myself anymore.

But they've disproved nothing. They merely try to explain away all of the perfectly logical and factual elements of the SBT. And ANY alternate theories that have been suggested that would HAVE to replace the SBT always fall by the wayside via the weight of their absurdities and implausibilities alone (plus that pesky lack of ANY other bullets other than CE399 to explain the double-man wounding of Kennedy and Connally).

LNers, on the other hand, don't need to explain away every last piece of evidence in the entire case in order to make a logical and sound argument to answer the "WHO DID IT?" question. LNers can rely on the actual evidence in the case, which all hangs Lee H. Oswald. And the probability of ALL of the evidence against Oswald (which I discuss at the link below) being phony or planted or created from whole cloth by a band of conspirators who wanted to frame Oswald as the resident patsy is about as likely to be true as the nonsensical belief that many people have of no airplanes striking the World Trade Center towers on 9/11.

In short -- LNers have the physical evidence to back their claims. Conspiracy theorists have their belief that all of that evidence is as phony as a nine-dollar bill.

And since I reside here in the real world, where miracles don't happen very often, I don't think there's much of a chance of the conspiracists being right when many of them keep insisting that Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent of the murders of BOTH John F. Kennedy and J.D. Tippit.

David Von Pein
February 9-10, 2015