(PART 897)


The wound was NOT 5 1/2 inches below the mastoid process. As mortitian [sic] Robinson notes, the back wound was 5 to 6 inches below the shoulder- that is at least 10 inches lower than placing it “5 1/2 inches below the mastoid process”.


Ridiculous. The wound wasn’t nearly that far down JFK’s back.

Plus, who needs to rely on mortician Tom Robinson when anyone can just look at the autopsy picture below? It shows the wound precisely where the autopsists placed it, and it works just fine for a bullet heading downward at 17.72 degrees to exit JFK’s lower throat at the tie knot:

Those who attempt to shred the Single-Bullet Theory are abandoning the best possible answer in favor of….what exactly? TWO bullets that entered Kennedy and went into him only an inch or so and then BOTH missiles just vanished? Yeah, that’s a lot more reasonable than accepting the SBT, isn’t it? Pffffttt.

As Vince Bugliosi said (and it’s oh so true): The SBT is "so obvious that a child could author it."

And Z225 and Z226 of the Zapruder Film are frames that the naysayers should never want to look at with an open mind. Because if they ever did, they’d soon be SBT supporters themselves. They’d have to be after viewing this and realizing what these frames are truly depicting:

David Von Pein
February 15, 2015