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I must be doing something right, in order to provoke the following idiotic comments from conspiracy theorists at other forums and websites. One of the comments came right after the usual CTer bashing of John McAdams when a conspiracy kook named Albert Doyle made this remark at the Deep Politics Forum:

"I'm beginning to realize this whole thing occurred because McAdams was living in a deluded concept of reality that was gotten from his being able to get away with Kennedy Assassination denial so easily that he thought he could do it with other subjects. Now can we work on getting Von Pein legally prohibited from use of the internet?"

-- Albert Doyle; February 6, 2015


"I'm against censorship, but persons like Mr Von Pein have crossed a line where they no longer deserve fair hearing amongst honest people. I think we also need to figure out a way to move towards prosecuting them. These persons are just in flagrant denial of the obvious evidence of Oswald's CIA relationship."

-- Ralph Yates; January 31, 2015 (Via Amazon.com; post
has been deleted since 1/31/15, but was not deleted by Yates himself; I explain HERE)


[End Kook Quotes (for now).]


How about that, folks? My opinions on the JFK case are evidently so vile and so disturbing to certain conspiracy believers that they now want me completely banished from the entire Internet and/or prosecuted for the dastardly crime of merely believing in something they do not believe in.

It would appear as if the kooks quoted above have reached a new zenith in "kookdom". They want my basic right of being able to express an OPINION to be obliterated.

The freedoms of man have been turned completely topsy-turvy by those conspiracy clowns. I find it hard to believe that even the wackiest of JFK conspiracists could utter the things that Doyle and Yates uttered in the quotes presented above.

How would Albert Doyle like it if someone suggested that his OPINIONS about the JFK case should result in him being prohibited from expressing that opinion anywhere on the Internet? It's nuts. And it's downright offensive.

And Doyle acts as if I am advocating something that nobody else on the planet has been advocating since 1963--that Lee Oswald killed John Kennedy and acted alone.

But I've got news for Mr. Doyle -- there are many more "LNers" in the world than he suspects. I just happen to be one of them who writes a lot about it on the World Wide Web. Therefore, per Doyle, I should be banned from the Internet entirely.

But on the other side of the fence, the folks who have been suggesting, without a stitch of evidence to support such garbage, that Lyndon Johnson and various other "innocent until proven guilty" people were responsible for JFK's demise are given a free pass by kooks like Albert Doyle.

According to many conspiracists, those "LBJ Did It" or "Allen Dulles Did It" (etc.) crackpots are to be praised and congratulated for their brilliant research and excellent conclusions. But lone-assassin believers like myself and John McAdams (and many others) are worthy of only scorn and rancor.

Has the world gone mad? Based on the above comments by Doyle and Yates, I'm beginning to wonder.


The title of this forum is "JFK Assassination Debate."

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines "debate" as follows:

"(1) To discuss a question by considering opposed arguments.
(2) To take part in a debate."

Therefore, David, as a member of the forum you have a right to put forth an argument on any aspect of the JFK assassination just as do all other members.

We are not like a servile Congress such as when the President declared the U.S. must attack Saddam's Iraq because he had weapons of mass destruction and there was no debate and it turned out later there were no weapons of mass destruction.

Healthy debate is good.


Thank you, Douglas.

I take it, therefore, from your post above that you do NOT share Ralph Yates' opinion that I should be "prosecuted" to the fullest extent of the law for believing that Lee Harvey Oswald, alone, murdered the 35th U.S. Chief Executive in nineteen sixty-three?

Whew! What a relief! :)



If being wrong were a prosecutable offense, no one would be safe.


Least of all the JFK conspiracy theorists of the world, Jon.


On February 7, 2015, Albert Doyle decided it was a good idea to continue his attacks on me (and on the First Amendment), with the conspiracy kook named Doyle composing this lovely little soliloquy of idiocy:

"Von Pein is an obvious disinformationist to most reasonable honest people. This is shown by his phony pleading to free speech and objectivity as his only desperate last resort since most of his entries are based on dishonest denial rhetoric.

David Von Pein is not an honorable person so he should not be allowed to make appeals based on the medium of honorable discourse. He is beneath that and doesn't deserve the right. In normal society those who are guilty of crimes are not allowed to come forward to the main level of society to demand things and neither should dishonest disinformationists like Mr Von Pein. They are tolerated as technical opposition at best. The CIA itself is an even worse example.

Persons like Mr Von Pein are guilty of serious crimes and helping form the minds of Americans against their democracy. He makes lesser mentalities and agendas feel safe practicing deception and the support of non-democratic thought and politics. The covert murder of an American president is a serious crime and all normal sensibilities of jurisprudence deem cooperation in such an act an equal crime to the degree of complicity. Hence let there be no doubt or mistaking the fact Mr Von Pein and others are guilty of high crimes against the state and conspiring to obstruct justice in the case of treason and the assassination of a US President. I would no sooner accept Mr Von Pein's bogus appeal to free speech as I would a large rat scurrying about the table top of an ornate banquet and begging equal right.

Contrary to Sunstein, the American people need to get their act together and make these persons the violators and place the burden of restriction upon them where it justly belongs. We clearly have a right to do so according to the objective level of evidence gathered in the Kennedy Assassination. Notorious characters like Mr Von Pein are a sign of the failure of all of us to act and apply due justice to the fascist CIA coup d'etat that occurred in 1963. No person should be allowed to lie for so long and with such an unchallenged presence in any credible assembly of God and democracy-fearing Americans. There comes a time when yelling "THERE'S NO FIRE!" in a clearly burning theater should be met by censure. Truly my friends, I think we have reached that point with these main assassination conspiracy deniers. Time to make them pay to the level they have incurred. Only a charlatan would think those who are in the right have to account for his deceit or make a place for him amongst honest men.

To the defense of the Kennedy's [sic] my friends. Let justice be sound and swift. The evidence is good enough now. Time to act."

-- Albert Doyle; February 7, 2015


Just when I thought the conspiracy clowns couldn't sink any further into their pit of absurdity, what happens? Albert Doyle manages to do it.

I wonder if Albert prefers that I be put to death via lethal injection or by means of sitting in a hot chair? No matter, I'm sure either method would be equally as pleasing to Mr. Doyle. He probably wants to pull the switch himself or insert the needle.

In short -- Any American who could possibly even begin to take seriously the stupefyingly offensive and irrational words penned above by a certain Mr. Albert Doyle should consider packing their bags and moving to another country, one where they do not allow anything resembling the First Amendment right called "freedom of speech".

David Von Pein
February 6, 2015
February 6-7, 2015