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Good heavens, there's still a conspiracy kook out there who thinks the "shadow" stuff is proof of "fake photos"?

Miles Scull undoubtedly must also think Mr. Schiller faked this shadow test too:


More Von Pein squirrel rubbish. And what about that holster? It was not for Ozzie's short barrel. It's a fake.


What are you talking about, Miles? I didn't perform the test at Neely Street in 1967, Lawrence Schiller did.

But, that's typical of conspiracy theorists like Miles Scull -- i.e., ignore the photo expert (Lawrence Schiller) who demonstrated beyond all doubt that the varying shadows in the Oswald backyard photo are not unusual or "suspicious" in any way whatsoever (via Schiller's ON-SITE RE-CREATION at 214 Neely Street in Dallas, Texas, on March 31, 1967).

I take it, Miles, that you must think this 3/31/67 re-creation is a total fake and a fraud too. Right?


Lawrence Schiller was a paid "shill" for the stupid LN nonsense. IOW, squirrel leavings. Hey! What about that obvious, grotesque holster FAKE? You keep evading this painful factual clash in the evidence. Typical of desperate LNers: run & hide. Is that because the LN position is refuted?


It doesn't faze a fool like Miles Scull that one of the backyard photos was positively linked to OSWALD'S VERY OWN IMPERIAL-REFLEX CAMERA via the original photographic negative of that backyard picture....does it Miles?

I guess Miles either thinks the Warren Commission's photo experts who linked the negative to Oswald's own camera were part of the "cover-up" after the assassination....or Miles must think that somebody who wanted to frame Schnook Oswald somehow was able to steal Lee Oswald's Reflex camera out of the Paine garage (or the plotters stole it at an earlier point in time, before the Oswalds' belongings were moved to Ruth Paine's house)....and then those plotters took a real and genuine picture in the Neely St. backyard with that camera....and then the plotters faked that photo by putting LHO's head on someone else's body.

And then, those same plotters (or maybe it was a different group of patsy-framers?) decided that the ONE fake photo of "Oswald" in the Neely St. backyard wasn't nearly enough to frame the schnook with, so they decided it was good idea to create SEVERAL ADDITIONAL FAKE PHOTOS (using either the same camera they stole from Oswald, or some other camera).

In other words, the brain-dead plotters framing Lee Harvey Oswald wanted to create AS MANY FRAUDULENT AND UNNECESSARY PHOTOS AS THEY POSSIBLY COULD, even though faking just ONE single photograph depicting the schnook with his weapons in the Neely backyard would have easily sufficed.

Is that about the size of your kooky theory, Mr. Scull?


That's just plain Dumbo nonsense. Typical LN evasion by typical LN propagandist David Von Pein. If Oswald's revolver is snub nosed, then what's this bogus 6 inch barrel revolver holster all about? Maybe stupid mistakes in the fakery.


Miles Scull proves Vincent's point every time he opens his yap:

"Talking to them [conspiracy theorists] about logic and common sense is like talking to a man without ears. The bottom line is that they WANT there to be a conspiracy and are constitutionally allergic to anything that points away from it." -- Vincent T. Bugliosi; Page 1438 of "Reclaiming History"

David Von Pein
March 1, 2010